Brisbane Airport Wellness Guide
5. Sustainability, We find that healthy travelers are also very interested in sustainability so I thought this blog about the War on Waste at Brisbane Airport that may be of interest:
We offer shower facilities in both the Domestic and International Terminals.
In the International Terminal you’ll find showers on Level 2 in the arrivals hall, and Level 3 after security.
In the Domestic Terminal shower facilities are found in the central terminal area on Level 2, near Gate 36, and in the central terminal satellite, near Gate 26.
All showering facilities are free of charge; guests will need to bring their own towel and shower products.
There are shower facilities in most of the airline lounges for members as well, we ask travelers to please check with their respective airlines.
2. Mediate
Brisbane Airport has a dedicated peaceful space for prayer and meditation through a non-denominational prayer room.
Location: Level 4 of the International Terminal.
3. Hydrate at the hot and cold refill stations.
Free filtered drinking water stations are scattered throughout the airport including all car parks, pick up and drop off areas and the terminals. There’s also a hot water station located in the International Terminal, behind the Coffee Club on Level
4. Escape to The Wellness Spa
The spa offers a range of treatments with healing and aromatherapy products used designed to counteract the physical demands of traveling.  There are 10 pampering services on its menu, starting with the 20-minute express facial therapy through to hour-long body massages. Each treatment heroes Jasmin Organics chemical-free, organic and natural products – all grown on the Jasmin Organics owner’s property at Mt Tamborine.
Location: Level 3 (departures) at the International Terminal
5. Charge your phone at free bike riding stations
You can recharge your electronic devices through pedal power! Watt Bikes are free bike riding stations that generate enough power to charge your phone before a flight, while also adding some incidental exercise before flying.
Location: International Terminal, Level 4 in the Departure Hall just near the food court

6. Hang out in the ‘Village Green’

There are a number of conscious design elements that have been integrated within the terminal, designed to give people space to move and stretch out before their flights. The ‘Village Green’ is an amazing communal space where passengers are encouraged to stretch out, relax or even do some exercise (yoga and soccer are popular choices).

The sun lounges are available for people to stretch out and rest before their flight, and there are also peddle bikes that charge your mobile devices available just before departures to encourage passengers to be active and get the blood flowing.

7. They offer a variety of healthy foods.









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