5 Tips For A Wellness Induced Inflight Experience

Inflight Wellness Experience is more than just travelling; it is part of living well. Another reason to prioritize your health during travel? Travel can harm you.

That’s why we continually strive to bring you latest in-flight wellness experiences offered by airlines. For instance,

When you travel well, your trip can become more memorable, more meaningful, more full of life. Some airlines are acknowledging that air travel is stressful and unhealthy and trying to help airborne angst.

Cabin conditions that cause altitude sickness and dehydration can make plane travel unpleasant, but a few preventive tips can improve your trip.

Somehow certain people seem immune to the jet-lag, skin problems and general side-effects of long-distance travel! But what about the rest of us that seem afflicted with that gross feeling in-flight?

5 Tips for a wellness induced flight experience

Look for inflight wellness content:




Personal Grooming: Touch up before touch down

We already know that about what anyone thinks of her, so it should come as no surprise that she’s the kind of woman who wears sheet masks on planes so that her skin’s glowing upon arrival.

Nutrition- The challenge-

Airlines don’t have many calorie-conscious menus, though some airlines do. The questions of what to eat and when it comes up. Various tips and tricks can help to keep you balanced.



Physical Activity- The challenge- confined to a packed aircraft cabin.

Taking care of our in-flight health and wellness makes sense of a better experience.

We are on the lookout at how aircraft interiors to in-flight food, comfort, and entertainment contribute to a better #inflightwellness experience.

Discover via our publication what an #inflightwellness experience means to fellow travellers.

As a travel writer, I am a very frequent flyer. I am also devoted to carry-on only travel and to reducing the stress of flying. I have developed my Airplane Success Kit strategy over time, adjusting any time I found myself missing something during flight.

Your list of essentials may be different from mine, but anyone can use this strategy for packing travel essentials for the plane. If you fly with children, you might want to create airplane travel kits for each of them as well.

Managing Your Well Being at 35,000 Feet

What’s in Your Bag?


Pure Essence Labs Ionic-Fizz Calcium Plus

After I clear security I buy the biggest bottle of water I can find and add this calcium and magnesium packed fizzy drink powder, which I drink throughout the flight. They say magnesium calms the nervous system.



Higher Nature’s High Stability Active Silver

They say that active silver keeps germs at bay so I spray this in the air around me when I sit down. It’s worth the few odd looks.

Create Your Own Airplane Travel Kit with In-Flight Essentials

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