We recently discovered that Jacksonville Airport spa services are something to write home about! And we’re excited to be sharing them with you. If you happen to be traveling through Jacksonville International Airport, there are some serious beauty treatments that await.

Also, Palm Beach International Airport has some amazing spa treatments too. Three airport spas are owned by Ann Hill. We had a chance to speak with her about her journey in the world of airport spas.

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Back in 1998, Hill set up a massage kiosk in the lobby of the Jacksonville International Airport. In the winter of 2005, she replaced the stall with a full-service day spa. Along with the help of her staff, Hill created an oasis to escape the airport noise.

We asked Ann if she could share any travel beauty tips with us. Accordingly, we found out she has the same thoughts on hydration as we do!

“I believe it is extremely important to stay well hydrated when traveling, even bring your bottle of water on the airplane, as we all know, it is tough to get enough once on board.”

All three spas have Licensed Massage Therapists and are required yearly to take continuing education classes. All licenses are posted where they can be viewed by the public, too!

The Palm Beach Airport and Jacksonville Airport spa services we love:

Massage Treatments

Seated Massage:

  • 10 min/$20
  • 15 min/$25
  • 20 min/$30
  • 25 min/$40
  • 30 min/$45

They offer table massages at Jacksonville International Airport
and Palm Beach. They have a designated massage room where they provide Swedish and deep tissue massage therapy.

Swedish Massage:

  • 30 min/$70
  • 60 min/$115

Deep Tissue Massage:

  • 30 min/$75
  • 60 min/$125

Facial Massage:

  • 20 min/$50
  • 30 min/$70

Foot reflexology is also an excellent service. We know a lot of travelers who get reflexology regularly and understand the benefits of this service. My therapists who do reflexology will combine a little of it when they do a foot massage!

Foot Massage:

  • 20 min/$40
  • 30 min/$50

Foot Reflexology:

  • 30 min/$60
  • 45 min/$70

Manicures and Pedicures:

  • Regular Manicure $25
  • Gel Polish Manicure $40
  • Regular Pedicure $45
  • Massage Pedicure $55
Jacksonville Airport Spa Services | Vane Airport Magazine
Photo: Comfort Zone Spa

Palm Beach Airport, Comfort Zone Spa, Post-Security

The 2nd Palm Beach Airport location is situated post security on Concourse C, Gate 6. This location only offers seated massage as seen in the above picture.

Jacksonville Airport Spa Services | Vane Airport Magazine
Photo: Comfort Zone Spa

Spa Jacksonville Airport Location

They have three manicure stations, three pedicures stations, two private massage rooms and seated massage chairs too.

Location: Post-security, Concourse A

Let’s be real; we can all use some airport spa services! Ultimately, it can be nice to relax and forget about the stresses of the airport.

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Without trying and a little pre-planning we might never know how much we can benefit from some wellness services that airports offer. Let us know your experience with the Jacksonville Airport spa services and Palm Beach spa services!  Share your experience with airport beauty bliss by tagging @vaneairportmag and #airportspas #itravelwell.

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