About Us


What is Vane Airport Mag?

Vane Airport Mag is a media platform that shares the latest wellness services and news at global airports.

Our Inspiration

Travelers everywhere have experienced the frustration of travel. Not being able to find healthy food, a place to relax or spa, and much more. Founder Cristina Alcivar, recognizing that airports are stressful and challenging to navigate, started sharing airport wellness information with others via Twitter. We are inspired to travel well.

Committed to Wellness

We are dedicated to Airport Wellness. And believe that caring for ourselves, community, and the planet is all an interconnected holistic experience.

We embrace travel that harmonizes the human experience, with relationships, recreation, and community, along with having fun and taking action to create an ecosystem of working together for personal wellbeing.

Vane Embraces Five Dimensions of Airport Wellness: Health, Food, Fitness, Relax, and Community.

What we do 

Vane Airport Mag is a small media company focused on producing engaging wellness content at global airports. We believe that the airport experience can be a happier one by connecting travelers to thousands of wellness options at worldwide airports.

We focus on creating content that is inspiring and informative to enhance your journey. Some of those are airport therapy dogs, healthy food options, airport spa, inflight wellness, and much more.

Our Values

We are a group of women (and a few good men) dedicated to making travel a happier journey. We believe women have a right to succeed and travel well. We support hard-working and positive women that want to empower other women. Want to meet us? Just send us an email.

Join us

Sadly we can’t travel and experience every airport! Vane  Airport Mag is currently looking for likeminded travel nerds to join our mission of wellbeing at airports. If you’d like to get involved with Vane Airport Mag and you share our values, you can become a contributor to our digital publication here. If you are a company, sign up for our Vane Research Newsletter here.