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Work with Vane Airport Magazine – the leader in airport wellness. We inspire, guide, and connect travelers to airport wellness services around the world. We provide insight into healthy options that airports offer so that you don’t have to sacrifice your wellness lifestyle because of your travels.

An airport wellness experience is all about putting physical, mental, and spiritual health at the forefront of travel.

With a keen eye on airport wellness, we thought it would be helpful to provide a fitness and wellness 2017 trend report. This is an aggregated report that includes various airports, companies, and organizations. It highlights the importance and benefits of embracing wellness in airports.

Vane Airport Mag has been mentioned in well-known publications such as The Huffington Post and Also, VANE was shortlisted in the 2014 Global Wellness Summit competition for wellness innovation.

Vane Airport Magazine attracts the health-conscious consumer who’s lifestyle embraces nutrition, fitness, and wellbeing. Driven by their wellbeing, they are a target customer for health-related products and services.


  • Design healthy, wellness experiences for airports.
  • Wellness programming and passenger experience design.
  • Airport fitness and trend forecasting.
  • Travel wellness intelligence.
  • Create compelling, original editorial content made specifically for your audience. Such as airport guides, airport fitness, and wellness itineraries.
  • Design, develop and execute social media campaigns on our platforms.

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