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At VANE AIRPORT, we provide value to readers with our one-stop airport guides. Giving an in-depth look at wellness and health services at airports in the United States, Canada, Europe, South Asia, Asia and beyond, people across the globe are reading our articles and guides! Stuck in an airport for an extended layover? No worries! VANE AIRPORT guides and articles allow you to explore your options.

Reading through our airport guides, you’ll find where to get the perfect mani/pedi, your hair blown out or even a much-needed massage.  Also, the best places to chill, rest, meditate or show off those yoga skills are just a good read away!

We’ll even inform you of designated areas to snuggle up with that special someone in a cozy pod as well. And let’s not forget the vast array of fitness rooms and equipment in airports we cover!

Too much drinking and partying on and off the plane? VANE AIRPORT guides direct tired travelers to delicious on-site locations and kiosks for healthy, nutritious foods. Protein shakes, smoothies, juice bars, vitamins and vegan options are in our arsenal of awesomeness too! To sum it all up… VANE AIRPORT has your back!

Traveling with a furry companion (Not your husband, silly)? We also show the lowdown on pet spas, pet sleeping quarters and pet lounges for all of your pet travel needs. Pet travel can cause airport stress, but with our airport guides, we’ll lead the way!

This publication is all about your wellbeing during your layover. We want you to have great experiences wherever you go. Comfort is a priority when traveling on your own and we’re compiling a list of fantastic articles that can help.

Our mission is to inspire you and make you happy, fit and healthy. Look through our publication we’re sure you’ll find that VANE AIRPORT is pretty fly.


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