4 Airport Spas You Need To Know About At Sea-Tac Airport

Airport wellness at terminals has come a long way. Airports are beginning to recognize how important the health of their travelers is. If you’ve arrived early (good for you!) or your flight has been delayed or canceled (sorry!), having extra time and nothing to do can be frustrating.

Many of us are left asking, where can I go to relax? Increasingly sophisticated airport spas continue to pop up, but they’re not always the easiest to find. Nor do you know if your wellness goose chase will result in the kind of thing you’re looking for.

If you’re traveling through Sea-Tac Airport in Seattle, Washington, you’ve got some excellent options. Use this handy list next time you travel to find a bit of zen and pampering at Sea-Tac.

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4 airport spas worth visiting at Sea-Tac Airport

Spas Sea Tac Airport
PHOTO: Jojo M via Yelp

Massage Bar

Sea-Tac’s Massage Bar offers foot and seated chair massages, provided by licensed therapists, for 15 minutes or more. You don’t need an appointment so you can get some last-minute pampering even without a booking.

15-min seated massage, $23
30-min seated massage, $43
10-min foot massage, $18
15-min seated + 10-min foot massage, $38

Location: The North Satellite is a 256-square-foot kiosk space located at the top of the escalators across from Gate 16 and Customer Service.

PHOTO: Sea-Tac Airport

Terminal Getaway Spas

The Terminal Getaway Spas offer waxing, facials, full-body massages (45/60/90 mins) and mani/pedis to add a little relaxation into your itinerary.

They offer a variety of facials using MD Skincare Line:

Express Peel, 15 minutes, $50
Relaxing Back Facial, 30 minutes, $75
Hydrating Facial, 30 minutes, $65
Deluxe Facial, 45 minutes, $85

Get some waxing to be “clear for takeoff”:

Lip from $18
Chin from $18
Brow from $20
Back from $60
Bikini from $40
Upper or lower leg from $45

Locations: There are two Terminal Getaway Spas in Sea-Tac. Concourse A, near Gate A5, and Concourse C.

PHOTO: Asanda Spa

Asanda Spa

The Asanda Spa inside the Delta Airlines SkyClub lounge features a unique chair massage with guided audio/video meditation by Deepak Chopra.

The Deepak Chopra Dream Weaver Light, Sound, and Mind Machine uses LED lights of various colors in special wearable glasses that are experienced through closed eyes. The lights pulse at specific frequencies, bringing you to various states of consciousness, reducing stress and anxiety. You can enjoy the same calming effect as meditation and neurofeedback but without the months of work to achieve a blissful state.

25 Min – $30 / 3,000 miles
50 Min – $60 / 6,000 miles

They also have a selection of massages and facials plus a full line of spa and wellness products for purchase from Comfort Zone and Stay Well. You can request a direct appointment here.

Their Fly Facial lasts 25 Min – $45 / 4,500 miles

Location: Concourse A near Gate 1.

Massage chairs

Sea-Tac also has 16 new massage chairs for some quick tension relief. It costs $2 for 8 minutes, and you can pay by credit card or with bills.

Location: Four are pre-security with two on the north side of the baggage claim and two on the south side. The other 12 are located post-security, with eight at the S gates and four at the N gates (that is the South and North Satellites).

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