Travel Hook-Ups: Don’t Stay Alone On Your Next Trip

Travel hook-ups are just as liberating as changing the channel. Taking off from one’s mundane job and one’s always predictable routine and going on a trip. Solo.  No strings.

No attachments.

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I have had many conversations with my single friends and some of my not so single friends- about traveling solo, just going with the flow, and of course, the inevitable travel hook-ups.  Other times, a few little actions may help along the process.

Here is some friendly advice that I obtained from my more “worldly” friends.  Let us take a hypothetical example of meeting a beautiful woman for the first time as your seatmate on an overnight flight from New York to Los Angeles.

Here are some suggestions that may be helpful for travel hook-ups:

#1 Keep it mysterious

It is an overnight flight. The woman next to you is very attractive. She smiles at you and engages in idle chatter.  There seems to be an immediate connection. She gently touches you on the arm, when she wants to emphasize a point.  How do you react?

Unless you are an air road warrior, constantly traveling on business, this whole flying experience is somewhat novel and at times- surreal.  Accordingly, perhaps it is a good idea, to change up your style a bit. Don’t go with your tried and true routine.

I am not saying to lie or deceive. But in this situation, less is more.

Be a bit mysterious. Just disclose your first name. This is not really the first date. So, there is no need to launch into a long and boring story about your ex-lover, ex-wife, your ungrateful children, or ungrateful cat. In fact, try doing the opposite of what you would do on a first date.

Keep it short and simple, Cupid. And, nothing personal or very revealing. Be loose and keep it loose and funny.

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#2 Reinvent yourself

Again I am not recommending that you pretend to be someone whom you are not. i.e., If you are a chartered accountant, don’t all of a sudden pretend you are an astronaut or a fighter jet pilot. Because it sounds so much cooler. Also falling victim to air sickness and tossing your cookies on her lap, in mid-flight may undermine your cover.

The better approach is to be aspirational. To present your better self. If you are an amateur writer or just enjoy writing, and hope one day to write the great American novel or option a  screenplay, that might be the ticket.

Perhaps emulate one of your heroes. Eschew your more conventional “nice guy”, image. Try to be closer like the Ryan Gosling character, the slick and confident investment banker type in “The Big Short”. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, my man.

#3 There is no tomorrow

Whether you are 20 or pushing 60, life is short. Seize the moment (carpe diem).

These special and wonderful moments happen rarely in life. Savor and experience and leave nothing on the field. Tempus Fugit (time flies) as does passion over time. This is your time.

#4 Don’t get emotionally involved

Assume the stars have aligned as

“When the moon is in the seventh house

And Jupiter aligns with Mars

Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars.” (Hair- Aquarius lyrics)

Perhaps the earth moved. If you hooked up in California, home of the earthquake, anything is possible.

#5 Do not exchange last names   

Post hookup, the natural inclination is to exchange last names and promise to Facebook with each other. And to keep in contact by text and email. Resist all these inclinations and temptations.  The beauty of these travel hookups is that they are random, unpredictable and special.  And one-shot deals. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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Mitch Wolfe

Mitch is a writer, author and cultural commentator who is both a hopeless and hopeful romantic. He loves to travel and comment humorously on his misadventures.

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