Airline Water: Where To Find The Best Water To Drink InFlight

Airline water: Which airline’s water is safest? A new study published in August 2019 by and the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center found out.

In 2011 the federal government’s Aircraft Drinking Water Rule (ADWR) was implemented to ensure airlines provide passengers and flight crew with safe drinking water.

Did you know an aircraft may pump drinking water into its tanks from various sources at domestic and international locations? The airline’s water quality depends on the safety of the equipment used to transfer the water. For example, water cabinets, trucks, carts, and hoses.

Aircraft Drinking Water Rule (ADWR) requires airlines to disinfect and flush aircraft water tanks periodically. As well to test water samples for coliform bacteria.

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These airlines provide the best water to drink inflight based on rankings

You are safe to drink up both on Alaska Airlines or Allegiant Air flight. These two airlines tied for first place in the study. However, the lowest ranking went to JetBlue or Spirit who tied for last.

  • Alaska Airlines, 3.3
  • Allegiant Air, 3.3
  • Hawaiian Airlines, 3.1
  • Frontier Airlines, 2.6
  • Southwest Airlines, 2.4
  • Delta Air Lines, 1.6
  • American Airlines, 1.5
  • United Airlines, 1.2
  • JetBlue, 1
  • Spirit Airlines, 1

Nearly all regional airlines, except Piedmont, have mediocre Water Health Scores and a large number of ADWR violations. Republic Airways (which flies for United Express, Delta Connection, and American Eagle) received the lowest score at 0.44 on a 0-to-5 scale. Besides, ExpressJet is second-lowest at 0.56. and ExpressJet averages 3.36 ADWR violations per aircraft.

So how does this affect our travels? and the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center, recommends not to drink any water in-flight that isn’t in a sealed bottle or request coffee or tea. Also, avoid washing your hands onboard.

Have you ever thought about where onboard water comes from? Knowing above all will keeps you healthy on your next flight.

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