AirPods Growing Trend of Private Sleeping Spaces at Airports

Have you ever been trudging through an airport and just felt the urge to disappear into your private, quiet space for a little while to rest and recharge? I certainly have.

Well, a growing tech trend at airports around the world is now making this dream a reality. AirPods are the latest in a wave of new private sleeping spaces that let you take that all-important time out when you’re traveling.

What is an AirPod?

An AirPod is a private individual capsule with everything you need to unwind in peace. They’re designed to be installed in public spaces like airports and don’t take up too much room.

They’re equipped with wifi, a touch screen monitor, air conditioning, sound reduction technology, smart-glass privacy, mood lighting, and anti-stress ambient programming.

The first AirPods will be installed and tested in several European airports; the first will be in the UK. Stay tuned to find out which EU airports will be introducing AirPods in 2019. After that, the company plans to roll them out across all five continents shortly after.

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Seven things we love about the new AirPods

1. Noise reduction

The new AirPods feature sophisticated noise reduction technology so you can step into a capsule of pure quiet, even if you’re in the middle of a busy terminal.

2. Baggage storage

The AirPod’s luggage compartment is located under the seat. You can also leave your pod, and it will automatically lock, keeping your luggage safe if you want to hop out for a while. Just use the AirPod app’s passcode to unlock it again when you return. The app will also alert you if you’ve forgotten your luggage in the pod!

3. Cleanliness

Scent machine: AirPods have an integrated scent machine that works with the air conditioning to refine and perfume the air inside with something called cold micro-molecular dispersion. It eliminates all unpleasant odors and increases the level of oxygen atoms and negative ions in the air.

LED lights for disinfection: Integrated LED lights for disinfection turn on after each user has left the pod. LEDs emit a high-quality white light that also provides continuous disinfection through precisely engineered wavelengths of visible light.

Laboratory and controlled room experiments show up to 90% bacteria reduction in a treated environment for one day. This system meets international standards for human safety and light exposure.

Manual check: The last step before the next person uses the AirPod is a physical check by staff at the airport.

4. Relaxation technology

Each AirPod is equipped with anti-stress technology, including green therapeutic light, relaxing sounds, and different relaxing scents to choose from. It’s the perfect place to recharge both your mind and body.

5. Productivity technology

The AirPods have wifi and a touch-screen monitor for watching movies (Amazon Fire TV) or listening to music. They also have outlets so you can recharge your phone or work on your laptop in privacy. The pod can even show you your flight status, or you can set the alarm to wake you up at a particular time.

6. Temperature and lighting control

One of our favorite features is the temperature and lighting control. I always find I tend to overheat when I’m running through an airport with all my luggage in tow. That plus the harsh fluorescent lighting doesn’t leave me feeling relaxed and ready for my journey. The AirPods have both air conditioning and lighting control so you can set the perfect mood.

7. Affordability

The AirPods cost just 15€ (approximately US$17.50) per hour to rent. We think getting your private space for that much is a way better value (especially for your mental and physical health) than paying for access to a lounge.

We’re so excited to see these pods popping up at airports around the world in 2019. What are your favorite features of the new AirPods? Have you tried a sleeping capsule at an airport? Tag us with #ITravelWell and tell us what it was like!

Nicola Brown

Senior Editor at Vane Magazine

Nicola is an international award-winning writer, editor and communication consultant based in Toronto. She has traveled to 32 countries so far and is always poised to head out the door again. She loves both the visceral and intellectual dimensions of travel, and will passionately argue for its psychological paybacks, especially after a few glasses of wine. Having spent many years on the road and in the air, she's interested in how travelers can maintain a healthy mind and body through it all.


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