The Airport FAB Awards: Our Recap of the Moodie Davitt Airport Awards

The Moodie Davitt Airport FAB awards are arguably the best food and beverage awards in the airport industry. The reason we think so is because of their focus on health & wellness at the airport. Well, mostly. There were also awards for best bar and such but, who doesn’t need a drink at the airport every now and then? (Just make sure you don’t have too many.)

Whether it’s sushi or salads, steak or sandwiches, the Airport FAB Awards selects the best airport food offerings in the world.

The Airport FAB Awards: Our Recap

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Lucky for us, we had the opportunity to meet an incredible selection of farm-to-table heroes (such as Marqette) and airport food concessions like OTG, Tastes On The Fly, Booster Juice and more during the Airport FAB conference.

We feel extra blessed – not only because we met these airport concessions, but because we got to taste their food. And let us tell you, it was incredible. Whoever thinks airport food sucks obviously hasn’t tasted this deliciousness.

The two-day conference revolved around tasting samples from the airport nominees to meeting representatives from each airport to hearing talks from industry experts about the food & beverage industry at airports.

Moodie Davitt Report is raising the bar for creative and innovative initiatives being recognized at airports around the world. The award-winning nominees are on the forefront of healthy eating and wellness at the airport. They help us become happier and more connected to local foods during our travels.

A Couple of our Favourites:

Airport FAB Awards
PHOTO: Tastes on the Fly

For example, Taste on the Fly owns two Napa Farms locations at SFO Airport and a Berkshire Farms Market at Boston Airport where you can get fresh-squeezed juices and fresh fruit. They also have sit-down restaurants at both Denver and JFK Airports if you have a little longer layover.


OTG also offers a wide variety of farm-to-terminal foods that we love here at Vane Airport. The fresher, the better! OTG was one of the sponsors for the Airport FAB Awards – and rightfully so. It’s their mission to elevate airport cuisine to new levels that we maybe didn’t think were possible – before the influx of healthy airport eating.

In OTG’s own words, they “nurture good taste to nourish your journey”. And we like the sounds of that.

The event clearly represents something to offer for everyone. Whether you’re interested in airport bars, healthy food on-the-fly, the best wines or where to get an upscale dining experience at the airport, the Moodie Davitt FAB Awards have it covered.

Because of these amazing people, airport food no longer sucks. And for that, we thank you!

Here’s a sample of the food we got to try:

All photos in gallery are courtesy of the Airport FAB Awards.

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