Farm To Flight Program At Kelowna International Airport

The health-conscious traveler is always on the hunt for the freshest, healthiest food options possible.

Most of know the airport to be the last place to find healthy food. However, the airport farm to table movement has been taking off, bringing fresh and local produce into airports. In fact, most recently to Kelowna International Airport.

Some airports even grow their vegetables and herbs. For instance, Chicago O’Hare Airport’s Aeroponic Urban Garden, located on the mezzanine level of Terminal 3, grows their produce all year-round. As a result, they supply greens to their airport restaurants.

Farm To Flight Program At Kelowna International Airport

Kelowna International Airport (YLW) has a healthy food program they launched last year called Farm to Flight. The goal of the program is to provide travelers with fresh, Okanagan-grown fruit that they can quickly take on their flight.

Airport Farm To Table - Kelowna International Airport

The Okanagan is a region in the Canadian province of British Columbia known for its wineries and fruit orchards.

Sam Samaddar, Airport Director, told us:

“Our Farm to Flight program offers a unique opportunity to promote locally-grown, quality fruit across Canada. Not only does Farm to Flight bring new opportunity and national reach for local farmers, but it also brings awareness of Kelowna to communities across Canada.”

The Farm to Flight program offers various types of local, in-season fruits such as cherries, peaches, pears, and apples during the summer and fall seasons.

Airport Farm To Table - Kelowna International Airport
PHOTO: Kelowna International Airport

Currently, the program is offering cherries at $9.95 for a 2lb container and peaches at the cost of $12.95 per box (approximately 5lb). Pricing is dependent on market prices.

The fruits are specially packaged in containers that fit under airplane seats. Farm to Flight is a convenient way for domestic Canadian travelers to bring home a tasty piece of the Okanagan.

We think the Farm to Flight program offers a unique opportunity to promote locally-grown quality—and takes airport food beyond the unhealthy.

Due to international travel regulations, Farm to Flight is currently a domestic Canadian program. The fruits can travel anywhere in Canada but not yet internationally.

Farm to Flight products is available for passenger purchase in YLW’s Departures Lounge gift shop at the north end, post airport security.  The airport has a small departures lounge, and all the gates are roughly in the same area.

The next time you’re on the prowl for a healthy airport snack, don’t settle on the pre-made sandwich or airport food court. The airport farm to table movement looks like it’s here to stay.


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