Airport Luggage: How Much Does Your Suitcase Affect Your Travels?

Have you ever had an awful time at the airport simply because your suitcase was dragging you down? Sometimes we don’t take into consideration how much our airport luggage choice affects our travels, but after traveling with one of the best suitcases in the business, it’s hard not to.

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We had a chance to take a set of red patent polycarbonate Rimowa luggage from their Salsa Deluxe line on a recent trip to London, U.K. And boy, did it make all the difference.

They’re light, easy to maneuver and have multiple pouches, straps and zips to keep your luggage secure inside. Plus, they’re incredibly stylish.

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How can bad airport luggage affect your travels?

Although you might be eating right and working out as often as you can, lugging around an over-sized, heavy bag can be doing a lot of damage to your body. With the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe suitcase, you won’t have to worry about that even if you do happen to have a large bag; they come with purse clips to keep your bag secured onto the top of your suitcase.

The four wheels on the bottom (as opposed to many suitcases with just two) make the suitcases a piece of cake to whip and wheel around the airport – and even down the bumpy sidewalks of London too and from the hotel.

The handles on the full sized Rimowa suitcase are also adjustable, so no matter how tall or short you are you can find your perfect height.

Inside the Salsa Deluxe suitcases, there is a fantastic packing system to help keep all your belongings in place while your luggage is being tossed and turned all over the airport. (The expandable feature of the inside straps came in very handy after a few purchases were made on Oxford Street!)

Choosing the right airport luggage

You want to choose luggage that helps your time at the airport become easier, not more difficult. Can you imagine back in the day when suitcases didn’t have expandable handles or wheels?! What a nightmare. In the early 1900s men and women who wheeled suitcases were considered “sissies” – oh, how far we’ve come. If only they could see us now!

5 Things to look for in your next airport luggage purchase

  • The weight of the suitcase – we want to be able to fill it up to the max!
  • Size of the carry-on – nothing worse than struggling to stuff it into the overhead bins
  • Visual appeal – not just for style but so you can easily spot it at baggage claim
  • Accessibility – is it fast and easy to get unlocked during screenings?
  • Ability to maneuver – can you run it through the gate to catch your connecting flight?

There are lots to consider when choosing the right airport luggage, but the things we found most important (accessibility, ability to maneuver and heaviness) were all found in the Rimowa Salsa Deluxe suitcases.

Go ahead and try one out, we know you’ll be impressed.

UPDATED December 10, 2018


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