Which Type Of Airport Seat Hogger are You?

An airport seat hogger is a person who conquers seats wherever they go. They don’t feel like one seat is ever enough. They have various forms and ways to prevent you from getting a seat – like, stretching out, placing their bags on available seats, and so on. You know the deal.

In fact, you may have been one of these people and just can’t admit it. After all, no one wants to admit they’re an airport seat hogger. Would you?

Usually, after massive delays, we can encounter big crowds near the gates and no seats. Sure, that’s normal. Other times the airport can be empty with plenty of seating and yet, still can’t find a place to sit. You guessed it: it’s all thanks to the airport seat hogger.

In addition to seat hogging on public transit like trains and buses, seat hogging at the airport is very much a reality.

In our opinion, airport seat hogging is one of the worst things people can do at airports. But the question is: What kind are you?

What Kind of Airport Seat Hogger are You?

airport seat hogger
PHOTO: Anne Worner via Flickr

1. “The Bag Lady”

This type of seat hogger puts all their luggage on the free seats next to them. They have an attitude of self-entitlement and are under the impression that their bags require a place to rest. They want you to know that their Duty-Free shopping is just as important as they are.

Airport Seat Hogger: The Octopus | Vane Airport Magazine
PHOTO: iam3739

2. “The Octopus.”

Octopus seat hoggers are pretty self-explanatory. They spread out one or more limbs in a way that unreasonably occupies adjacent seating – taking up an insane amount of leg and arm room. Their attitude screams, “It’s all about me!!!”.

Airport Seat Hogger: The Octopus | Vane Airport Magazine
PHOTO: blessedbyadoption

3. “The Sergeant.”

These seat hoggers barricade access to all of their surrounding seats. With great tactics and design, they create an obstacle using their belongings so you can’t physically reach the seat. This type is all about fighting for their space. This seat hogger silently screams, “Want a piece of me? Come and get it.”

airport seat hogger
Image via Fotolia

4. “The Sleeper.”

The Sleeper doesn’t care what you have to think or say. After all, they’re in dreamland. They’re too tired to deal with anything besides finding a row of empty seats to kick back on. We wish you all the best if you try to wake them up, either.

Airport Seat Hoggers
PHOTO: @airport_hair

5. “The No Boundaries”

These seat hoggers have various tactics that range from eating a bunch of food, removing their shoes and socks, and even brushing their teeth. Which almost guarantees that nobody will want to sit beside them.

Doing your nails, combing your hair a lot, and talking loudly on your cell phone can also do the trick. Their attitude says it all. “I’m taking care of my own needs, can’t you see that?”

So what happens when you want that seat? What should one do when a fellow passenger breaches airport seat etiquette? Unfortunately, some will just walk away while others will speak up, ask, and get the seat. How? Ask nicely, smile, and use these handy tips utilizing the art of asking.

Here are some tips designed to encourage courteous seat sharing:

• Offer your seat
• Sit with respect
• Respect others personal space
• Do your best not to hog the armrests
• Never sit on anyone’s luggage deliberately
• Please offer a seat to elderly passengers, visibly pregnant women, or those with small children

In conclusion, whatever you do, don’t be an airport seat hogger!

Cristina Alcivar

Founder and Editor of Vane Airport Magazine. Passionate about everything well-being, love travel, the ocean, and the sun.

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