Airport Spa Review: Balnea Spa at Montréal Airport Brings Wellness to Travel

We all know the feeling. As we get older, it becomes even more essential to find those little moments of peace and comfort, especially when we travel.

I found my little moment of peace and comfort at Balnea Spa at Montréal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport on my way to Morocco recently.

Balnea Spa at Montreal Airport
Michael Woloszyk

What to expect at Balnea Spa

In the middle of the international departures area at Montréal Airport is the perfect little escape from the frenzy of long-haul air travel. Comprised of a set of two massage chairs, two nail stations, and a couple of relaxing pedicure stations, as well as a back room for table massages, Balnea Spa has everything you might want to unwind before a long journey.

Long planter boxes with tall grasses create a green screen to separate the space from the terminal, and relaxing music brings you further into a calm state of mind during your treatment.

Balnea Spa atmosphere
Michael Woloszyk

Manager Geidy Santana is one of the most helpful and friendliest spa managers I’ve met. As the only airport spa at Montréal Airport, she takes her role of bringing relaxation to passengers very seriously.

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What treatments to get at Balnea Spa

You shouldn’t leave without getting at least a 15-minute chair massage. While I’ve been disappointed by the lack of effort put into many a chair massage I’ve received, my opinion of chair massages was completely turned on its head at Balnea.

Balnea Spa chair massage
Nicola Brown

Massage therapist John is one of the kindest and most skilled I’ve met anywhere, not just at airport spas. He has a knack for honing in on your most troublesome points of tension and ironing them out. He doesn’t just focus on your back, either. He’ll work on your neck, head, arms, and legs, too, all while seated in the massage chair.

I also opted for a quick manicure to leave my hands feeling neat and tidy before my trip. Despite the lengthier process required for shellac manicures, my manicurist performed the fastest shellac application I’ve ever seen, without skimping on quality.

This is important when you’re short on time! She managed to pull the whole thing off in about 20 minutes. If you have longer, they offer a nice relaxing treatment with moisturizing products and hand massage too, but it’s good to know they can still get you a set of long-lasting and hard-wearing shellac nails in a crunch.

After your treatment, don’t forget to stop by the piano just across the hall. From Thursdays to Saturdays at dinner time, music students come to put on a live performance for passengers. What a perfect ending to a relaxing spa visit.

Don’t forget to read our full Montréal Airport wellness guide for a full list of where to relax, how to eat healthy, and what not to miss when it comes to travel wellness at the airport.

Why Balnea Spa is one of Quebec’s best

It’s no wonder you get such an impressive set of treatments and atmosphere at Balnea Spa in Montreal Airport. Balnea’s main spa is located in Bromont, Quebec, and is well known as a destination spa worth visiting in the heart of a beautiful natural landscape.

In addition to a truly comprehensive and wide-range set of treatments, their central location puts a big emphasis on delicious healthy food as well. It’s a rejuvenating trip in itself that I can’t wait to make one day!

Combined with their true hospitality and the expert level of service and treatment you receive, Balnea Spa currently tops my list of airport spas worth visiting.

Balnea Spa nails
[media-credit name="Nicola Brown" align="center" width="1000"][/media-credit] A nice set of tidy nails before my trip

Location and hours

You’ll find the main Balnea Spa in the international departures area of Montréal Airport near gate 53. There are two pop-up locations, as well.

One is in the US transborder departures area near Gate 80. The other is in domestic departures near Gate 1.

Nicola Brown

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