Christchurch Airport’s Relaxation Area Is A Great Place To Yoga

Christchurch International Airport has a relaxation area that is a great place for yoga. It’s also perfect for any sort of me time you require before or after your flight.

The Christchurch Airport relaxation area is located in International Departures near Gate 23. Space is free and open to all passengers who would like to practice yoga, pilates, meditation or any other types of relaxing mind and body exercises before or after their flight.

A custom designed “pre-flight relaxation routine” is displayed through a series of infographic-style panels. It was developed with a local Christchurch yoga studio.

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PHOTO: Christchurch Airport

Features we love about the new Christchurch Airport relaxation area

We can’t get enough of the backdrop. The full panoramic view of the local mountain ranges helps makes the space inspiring and calming. They are snow-capped in winter, how picturesque!

This nature-inspired theme carries through to the stretching and relaxation area. You’ll find a low-impact pre-flight relaxation routine on the opposite wall, created in consultation with a qualified yoga instructor. It’s accessible enough so that most people can give it a go, and it’s nice to have something to follow if you’re new to yoga and stretching.

Out of interest, you’ll see that the space is not called a yoga studio. The space calls itself an open area of the terminal. Although suitably tucked away to encourage those zen vibes, the space doesn’t hide away behind closed doors.

We see this as a huge benefit as it is accessible and complimentary for everyone to use. It gives the area a sense of calmness and a welcoming atmosphere.

Christchurch Airport also has a prayer room if you are looking for some quiet reflection time. The prayer room is located on the ground floor next to the domestic baggage area collection point, between international arrivals and the check-in hall. The prayer room will be open during the domestic area’s hours of operation, seven days a week. It offers a selection of holy books, both English and bilingual, for visitors of all faiths to use during their visit.

Christchurch Airport sets a positive wellness tone

Christchurch Airport is doing something we think more airports should get on board with offering free, accessible spaces for all travelers to find respite from the stresses of airport travel whether before or after a flight.

It’s a vital part of healthy travel and a trend we’re watching closely at airports worldwide.

Have you experienced a great airport wellness area recently? Tell us about it in the comments below!


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