Etihad Airways Launches Health-Focused Food On Board

Etihad Airways was recently recognized for its commitment to travelers’ wellbeing after announcing it will become the first airline in the Middle East to offer Weqaya-approved meal selections onboard its flights.

Of course, I am excited to find about Etihad Airways launching health-focused food on board. It sounds amazing! But what is Weqaya?

Etihad Airways introduces Weqaya-approved meals

Weqaya comes from the Arabic word meaning “prevention”. The program, established by the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi, aims to encourage people to eat a healthy and balanced diet to promote good health and wellbeing. The screening program helps prevent things like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Etihad Airways has joined the positive health movement by choosing to offer Weqaya-approved meal selections on its flights.

But can we really get good, healthy food at 30,000 feet? Is such a thing possible? There are many factors working against airline food when it comes to providing healthy, appetizing meals on board.

ABC reports that: “Appetizing has never been a word used to describe airline food. But now a team of scientists has come up with a reason why we hate airline food so much: the noise of the airplane engines.”

Airline food is often overloaded with salt, sugar and unhealthy additives to combat some of the environmental detractors. So providing healthy meals on board is an added challenge.

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Meals must be rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber, and low in saturated fats and salt, to carry the official Weqaya mark.

In December 2016, Etihad Aviation Group introduced Weqaya-approved meal options to its six staff restaurants.

In 2017, Etihad introduced “Weqaya Food Specifications” in Etihad Airways restaurants and cafes.

Etihad Airways will start rolling out the new menu options across its lounges and onboard in all classes – First, Business and Economy – from April 2018.

PHOTO: Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways gets fashionable

In addition to the healthy in-flight menu, the airline also just launched a loungewear collection at the iconic Louvre Abu Dhabi. I have always thought it would be great if airlines offered comfy outfits!

The new loungewear collection has cool, striking designs for in-flight apparel which look comfortable, functional and stylish.

Etihad Airways strikes the right tone with its move towards healthy in-flight food and comfy clothing, which can be enjoyed inflight, then taken home with you. It’s a total win for me. I can’t wait to fly with them soon!




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