Airport Food: The New Evergreens Salad Restaurant At Sea-Tac Airport

Now open Evergreens at Seattle Airport can feed you healthy foods before your flight.  The gourmet-salad-to-go company started in Seattle in 2013 on 3rd Avenue near Marion Street with a build-your-own-bowl set-up, as well as a set menu of salads.

Vane spoke with Evergreens co-founder and President,  Hunter Brooks to get all the fresh details of the new store.

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PHOTO: Evergreens

Take a look inside the New Evergreens Salad Restaurant At Sea-Tac Airport

1. Evergreens Salad restaurant offers nine menu items, 4 of which are their ‘Signature Salads’ and 5 of which are ‘Seasonal Salads’ with seasonal ingredients  Think berries and fresh mozzarella in the Spring/Summer and roasted root veggies in the Fall/Winter.

Hunter explained that they change their Seasonal Menu twice a year. And also offer a monthly special for added variety.

You can also have your salad made to order, just the way you like it too.

Besides salads Evergreens also offers a breakfast menu. Their breakfast menu includes items such as egg frittata quinoa bowls,  steel-cut oats, and fully customizable yogurt parfaits.

2. Grab-n-go salads are made fresh every day. I am suspicious of the pre-made salad but not at Evergreens Salad Bar At Sea-Tac Airport.

Hunter told us that, “When someone elects to purchase a pre-made grab-n-go salad from us, they can be assured it was made within 90 min to ensure it’s completely fresh. The dressing provided on the side and easy to mix in with our large (compostable) plastic bowls.”

3. I asked Hunter if their new spot offers fresh-pressed juices? Unfortunately, they do not. However, they do provide an array of healthy and all-natural beverages that includes LaCroix, iced tea, cold brew, and kombucha.

4. You can order your salad online or via their app too. Pre-ordering a meal on a busy travel day is a big plus.  You can order while on your way to the airport or going through security and then pick up your food once you pass security.

5. Evergreens Salad restaurant at Sea-Tac Airport is excellent for travelers on the go – it’s portable, healthy and it’s easy to eat while moving and of course, it doesn’t stink up the whole plane around you if you choose to carry it on!

Overall, we like Evergreens Salad restaurant at Sea-Tac Airport. Their salads are made within a 90-minute window, you can pre-order and pick up via their app, and they offer a variety of locally sourced ingredients.

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Let us know how your experience goes at Evergreens Salad restaurant At Sea-Tac Airport in your comments below. You can also share your comments via our social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Location: Atrium at the Central Terminal of Sea-Tac Airport. The Central Terminal is the ’50 yard line’ of Sea-Tac and is located in between the B and C gates.


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