These Two Sisters Are Changing the Future of Travel

Women travel for countless reasons, whether to discover new frontiers, pursue business opportunities, or simply to rest and relax – the same reasons men travel.

But when it comes to health and security, the reality is that women face greater obstacles, especially when traveling alone.

Over the past 10 years, interest in solo travel has grown, but only since 2013 has an interest in solo female travel grown too. Google’s Keyword Planner Tool reveals that searches for “solo female travel” grew by 52% between 2016 and 2017.

PHOTO: Cristina Alcivar, Founder of Vane; Neda Shilian, Founder of Panty Fresh, Kate Nichols, Founder, Go Jane Go (Left to Right)

Making travel better for women

Earlier this year I had the chance to meet Kate Nichols, the Founder of Go Jane Go at the New York Times Travel Show.

She shared with me her passion to help make travel better for women and I immediately loved the idea behind her organization.

The organization is a female business travel community, a corporate partnership platform and market research provider, and a certification program for those looking to make travel more friendly to female business travelers.

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Courtyard by Marriott Raleigh Midtown
PHOTO: Go Jane Go

Why we need Go Jane Go

Go Jane Go highlights many reasons why business travel is different for women. For instance, what’s wrong with the above treadmill picture?

Go Jane Go explains: “If you are a woman traveling for business you know immediately that having your back to the door when on a treadmill is a safety issue. Anyone can enter the room and you’d never know it if your headphones are in and your tunes are up.

Having treadmills face toward entry doors is a great way to show the woman business traveler that you take her needs into consideration.”

PHOTO: Go Jane Go

What about this hallway?

“When you are a traveling female this isn’t just a hotel hallway. This is a reason to get your spidey sense up, a reason to walk with eyes in the back of your head, a reason to make sure the guy walking behind you passes before you open your hotel room door. Solo business travel for women means we need to consider situations differently than men. Empty hotel hallways are just one example.”

It’s all about the little details of travel

Co-founders Kate Nichols and Ellen Saksen and their team are raising awareness of all those elements that make travel as a woman challenging.

I know that I would love to see airlines and airports that are more female-friendly. I would love to see more airport spas that can prep me for an upcoming meeting (blow dry bars please). And places I can get stockings and underwear!

Speaking of underwear, Neda Shilian, Founder of Panty Fresh (in the image above) offers a 4-in-1 complete feminine hygiene solution for women on the go, and it fits easily in your purse or pocket. For more on this innovative travel, product go here.

Like many of you, I wear heels sometimes on a travel day. During my conversation with Kate, she asked, “have you ever thought what happens if your heel breaks at the airport?”

I hadn’t. What would I do? Where could I go to get it fixed or buy another pair of shoes? The women behind Go Jane Go are thinking of everything we face as female business travelers, including the seemingly little things that often get overlooked.

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How you can join the movement

If you want the world of travel for women to change for the better, we encourage you to join Go Jane Go. Their Facebook group is a safe place to express what you think should change in travel. It’s a place you can share your insight and ideas with likeminded women and travelers.

We’re excited to watch how Go Jane Go continues to shape the travel industry for better health, safety, and happiness for female travelers around the world. Got a solo female travel story you want to share with us?

Let us know in the comments below and tag #ITravelWell to help shape the conversation.

Cristina Alcivar

Founder and Editor of Vane Airport Magazine. Passionate about everything well-being, love travel, the ocean, and the sun.

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