The Top Five Ultra-Inspiring Airport Exercises To Try Right Now

Next time you’re at the airport, why not try some inspiring airport exercises? After all, we want to stay fit—even when traveling! Travel days can easily break up our usual work out routines.  However, squeezing in a sweat session before your flight can help ease pre-flight stress. In fact, exercising at the airport will make your body and mind feel so much better.

As a result, many airports have gyms, yoga rooms and sometimes even swimming pools to work in some fitness on-the-fly. We all know that sitting for an extended period is terrible for you—whether you’re on a plane or not. By practicing inspiring airport exercises, your layover becomes a less sedentary one. Also, it will keep you away from the airport bar or lousy airport food.

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Yes, we know that working out at your gate will lead people to stare.

But do you care? You’ll feel so much better when you finally board that plane. Besides, you may just convert a fellow traveler or two with your inspiring airport exercises! Thanks to Instagram, there are plenty of on-the-go workouts that you can do at any airport.

Here are our top 5 favorite inspiring airport exercises to try now!

1. This workout at Ottawa Airport involves using your luggage!

2. This airport workout—and music—at LAX is contagious.

3. Newark Airport is the hot-spot to break a sweat.

4. This workout is super easy at YYC Calgary International Airport.

5. An inspiring exercise we love at Toronto Pearson Airport.

Simply stated, we can tell that these fellow travelers don’t compromise their fitness! Presumably, they’ll workout anywhere—and the airport is no exception. After all, why would it be? You can try out any of the above exercises and get a tremendous pre-flight workout.

But here’s the kicker

There are many excuses you can come up with not to work out at an airport. For example, not being at your regular gym. However, Gilles Souteyrand, Coach Magazine cover star believes that it’s possible to “build a lean and muscular physique without heavyweights.” So, there you have it. Your body weight is enough to get some fitness in the terminal.

Remember: You come first. So if people stare, who cares? Say no to excuses and yes to working out—and board your flight feeling great.

Cristina Alcivar

Founder and Editor of Vane Airport Magazine. Passionate about everything well-being, love travel, the ocean, and the sun.


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