Floret Vegetarian Restaurant at Sea-Tac Airport Now Open

Floret, a vegan and vegetarian restaurant opened earlier this year at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington. The 2000-square-foot restaurant is located near the new Delta lounge in the main terminal at the intersection of Concourses A and B. It serves exclusively vegetarian and vegan dishes, and we are super excited about it!

As many of us know, traveling as a vegetarian or vegan can be challenging, especially when it comes to food options at airports.

Floret vegetarian restaurant at Sea-Tac is a far cry from your regular airport food. This is premium veggie and vegan fare made from scratch on-site, with locally sourced ingredients. It will satisfy your veggie/vegan needs with a healthy variety of choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The 80-seat restaurant is full service, staffed by Cafe Flora employees, and helmed by chef Bernadette Biella.

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8 things you’ll love about Floret restaurant at Sea-Tac Airport

1. Locally sourced ingredients.

We so love locally sourced ingredients and local purveyors. Floret gets its produce from Whistling Train Farm in Kent, dairy from Medosweet Farms, and eggs from Stiebrs Farms.

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2. Ginger beer and kombucha on tap.

In addition to being the first vegetarian restaurant at Sea-Tac, Floret is the first place in the airport to serve Rachel’s Ginger Beer and Seattle-based Mystic Kombucha, both on tap.

For coffee snobs: A pair of La Marzocco espresso machines will dispense your caffeine fix.

3. Plenty of drinks to choose from.

They’ve got a large variety of non-alcoholic beverages that includes housemade sodas and shrubs.

4. Amazing breakfast sandwiches

Fantastic breakfast sandwiches include a buttermilk biscuit with fried egg, cheddar, and caramelized onion. They can do it on a gluten-free biscuit, too, if desired.

5. Vitamin C Kombucha Tonic

Their Vitamin C Kombucha Tonic sounds divine. It’s Mystic Kombucha with a housemade tonic of fresh mint, lime, grapefruit, camu camu, agave, cardamom, cayenne, and sea salt. Here’s the full menu.

6. Natural light

Don’t you just hate dark and dingey airport restaurants? You won’t find that here! Large conservatory windows fill the space with natural light and a view to the tarmac.

7. Fresh baked goods daily

Yep, you read that right. Floret pastries are made on-site daily.

8. Grab-and-go options

They offer grab-and-go foods that are portable, healthy and yummy. For example, breakfast sandwiches, housemade bread (including Cafe Flora’s signature vegan cinnamon rolls), healthy packed salads, and an extensive array of mixed grain bowls.

High-quality airport food is still relatively new. Floret is the first exclusively vegetarian and vegan restaurant to open at Sea-Tac, and one of just a handful of vegetarian airport restaurants in the US.

Hours and location

Floret is located in the main terminal at the intersection of Concourses A and B, next to the Delta Lounge at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport in Washington.

Hours of operation:

Grab-and-go: Daily from 5 a.m. – 9 p.m. with breakfast, lunch and dinner options.

Dine-in: Daily from 6 a.m. – 10 p.m. serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Let us know if you have eaten at this new airport food spot. Tag us and share your wellness finds! #ITravelWell

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  1. Great article, I love Seattle! Can you believe the snow Seattle got a couple weeks ago?! It’s nothing like the snow we have back home but I guess it really shut down the area. I hope you all are staying warm 🙂

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