On-The-Fly Wellness Services and More to Enjoy at Hamburg Airport

Hamburg Airport wellness services await the next time you travel. Earlier this year, I attended the 2017 Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg. Accordingly, I was able to explore Hamburg Airport for wellness services.

However, besides exploring what healthy and happy finds the airport offered, I couldn’t find my passport before my departure. I was desperate because there is no Canadian consulate in Hamburg and I would have had to fly to another city to get a new passport.

Actually, I had a suspicion I had dropped my passport at the airport. Yet, what are the odds of finding it? Ultimately, I called the airport security lost and found and they had my passport. True story! As a result, I now keep my passport close at all times.

Here are our favourite Hamburg Airport wellness activities to explore:

Where to eat

Hamburg Airport has a whole vegan menu you can explore. The online vegan page gives you a list of over ten restaurants and actual food items. Hamburg airport is considered by PETA Deutschland to be the most vegan-friendly airport in Germany.

Also, the airport has two sushi spots to enjoy! There’s one pre-security and one post-security.

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1. Get a veggie fix.  

Head over to Scoom where all foods consist of selected raw ingredients! Furthermore, wherever possible, they’re fair trade and organic in origin.

Location: Terminal 1, Arrival Level, Pre-security

PHOTO: Flughafen Hamburg GmbH / Michael Penner

2. Explore the freshness at Marché Restaurant.

They have freshly squeezed fruit juices and a salad bar buffet. After all, who doesn’t want to get a few extra nutrients on-the-fly?

Location: Terminal 2, Level 3

Photo: Heiko T/Yelp

3. Check out EDEKA Supermarket.

EDEKA offers lots of healthy options before or after your flight. They have a selection of fresh fruits and vegetables to grab and go. Also, they have a salad bar and a variety of fresh snacks.

Location: Arrivals Level, Airport Plaza, between Terminal 1 and 2
Hours: Open daily from 6am – 10pm

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Where to play

PHOTO: Flughafen Hamburg GmbH / Michael Penner

4. Relax in one of many “cityscapes” lounge areas 

You can lounge on benches with greenery around you, while watching the airplanes.

Location: Terminal 2, Near Gates A18-20

PHOTO: Flughafen Hamburg GmbH / Michael Penner

5. Zen out at the “Upper Deck”

Location: Terminal 2, Airside, Level 2, Above Gate A17/C16

Where to stay

Photo: Radisson Blu

6. Radisson Blu Hotel Hamburg Airport

This hotel has a full-service spa and health club. Their 5th-floor fitness center offers beautiful rooftop views. Also, why not escape into the sauna or steam bath? However, they do not have day passes to use the facilities—you need to be a hotel guest.

Location: Connected to Airport Plaza via pedestrian bridge

PHOTO: James Rhodes/Twitter

7. Take a refreshing shower

Feel refreshed after a long flight with a nice hot shower! A shower fee of €5,00 includes shampoo and shower gel. If a towel is required, there is an additional fee of €10,00. If needed, hair dryers are available.

Location: Airport Plaza, Arrivals Level, T2

PHOTO: Flughafen Hamburg GmbH / Michael Penner

How to get healthy:

8. Refill your water bottle at one of their four water refilling stations

Location: Two of them are located near the departure gates (post-security, one in Terminal 1 and one in Terminal 2). And the other two are located near the baggage claim (one in Terminal 1 and one in Terminal 2).

PHOTO: Flughafen Hamburg GmbH / Michael Penner

9. Meditate in the Prayer Room

Hamburg Airport has a Christian prayer room as well as a Muslim prayer room. They even have their pastor at Hamburg Airport, Mr. Björn Kranefuß.

Location: Terminal 1, Level 2 (behind the travel agents’ hall)
Hours: Open daily from 6am – 10pm

PHOTO: Flughafen Hamburg GmbH / Michael Penner

10. Catch up on a dental visit

Location: Airport Plaza, House D/Level 2

Where to enjoy spas:

Unfortunately, Hamburg Airport wellness doesn’t include places to get manicures, pedicures or blowouts. However, there are two places you can get a quickly seated chair massage.

PHOTO: Flughafen Hamburg GmbH / Michael Penner

11. Unwind at Chi-Mas Institute

Locations: Terminal 2, Near Gate A20 and Terminal 1, Near Gate C15

We know the airport can sabotage your healthy routines! However, Hamburg Airport wellness services await to be enjoyed on your travels. Don’t throw away your wellness rituals. After all, knowing where to find Hamburg Airport wellness will help you avoid derailing your health and improve mood for a better travel day.

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