Healthy Airport Food Finds to Check Out on Your Next Trip

Every Wellness Wednesday we focus on healthy airport food finds. From salads to sandwiches, we explore a variety airport food options you can have on-the-fly.  Ultimately, we understand that in the mad rush to your flight you may want just to grab a pre-made salad—but don’t! Trust us. There are way better options out there.

On the other hand, during the fast dash to the gate, we can forget to eat or may even grab a greasy bag of chips! After all, it’s quick and easy, right? Well, you’re not doing your body any favours.

Consequently, we are on the hunt for healthy airport food finds whether it’s made to-go or a sit-down meal. Of course, we haven’t visited all the airports in the world. However, our publication relies on our growing community that shares their healthy airport food finds with us!

This week we have these yummy mentions to share with you guys! We hope you enjoy.

Here are some healthy airport food finds to enjoy on your next trip!

Avocado is super popular in Sydney! So, it’s no wonder that the airport has excellent avocado meals too. Get some healthy (and yummy) meals at Costes Café at Sydney International Airport.

Location: T1 International Departures, near Gates 50 – 63

Wellness is all about indulging your seafood cravings at @Fortnums at Heathrow Airport! We’re salivating over this Fruits de Mer platter! It comes with a ½ lobster, dressed crab, oysters, and prawns. Delicious!

Location: Terminal 5, Post-Security

We love freshly made salads at the airport. For instance, this fresh salad at Avenue des Canadiens at @mtltrudeau Airport. We think it’ll be as delicious as it looks.

Location: Post-security, near Gate 01

We love this yummy salad at Apropos, Toronto Pearson International Airport—our home airport. Furthermore, it looks easy to make at home!

Location: Terminal 1, post-security (USA), Level 2, Near Gates F62/F63

We love the looks of this gem lettuce salad at @figslaguardia New York, La Guardia Airport.

Location: Terminal B, Near Gate D4

Healthy airport food finds are not easy to connect with. Especially with limited time and traveling through unfamiliar airports.

Planning can help you find healthy airport food. In other words, food that’s fresh and not processed or stale. Usually, airport websites have info pages that can help you find what you’re looking for! You can also take a look at our posts fresh airport salads and airport juice bars you must visit.

Ultimately, having a plan in advance will help you resist the temptation to grab lousy airport food. The good news is that airports have more healthy options available for travelers now more than ever! Don’t forget to share your healthy airport food finds with us too: @vaneairportmag.

Cristina Alcivar

Founder and Editor of Vane Airport Magazine. Passionate about everything well-being, love travel, the ocean, and the sun.

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