Healthy Farmer’s Fridge Arrives at Chicago O’Hare Airport

Travelers everywhere are overwhelmed when they’re rushing through the airport. We’ve all experienced the pangs of being “hangry” when healthy grab-and-go options are so rare. This is especially challenging for people with special dietary needs.

At Chicago O’Hare Airport, globetrotters are now greeted with an array of options that didn’t exist just a few years ago. There’s the highly regarded Publican Tavern slinging meat-centric fare, Summer House Santa Monica offering California-inspired cuisine, and most recently, Farmer’s Fridge, a local company redefining healthy eating on the go.

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Farmer's Fridge machine
PHOTO: Farmer’s Fridge

What is Farmer’s Fridge?

Farmer’s Fridge is a network of 170+ automated smart fridges stocked with wholesome, chef-curated salads, sandwiches, bowls, breakfast items, snacks and more. They handcraft meals in a professional kitchen. So things like lettuce are chopped by hand and dressings made from scratch. The food is then delivered fresh to fridges in the Chicago and Milwaukee areas, including Chicago O’Hare Airport.

Farmer’s Fridge is passionate about making wholesome, delicious food simply accessible so that people can live a little happier.

User-friendly touchscreens allow travelers to explore the menu quickly, pay with a swipe of a credit card, and get going again. The packaging is easy to pack or stow while running from gate to gate, and simple for eating on the plane.  Food packaging is easy to open jars or cardboard boxes, which are 100% recyclable and BPA-free.

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Farmer's Fridge Jars and Hands
PHOTO: Farmer’s Fridge

The Farmer’s Fridge menu consists of a revolving selection of over 25 different balanced meals, snacks, and drinks. Menu items are affordable, ranging from $4-9.

What we love is their low environmental impact. Because fridges are stocked based on real-time demand, they minimize food waste and ensure people are getting the items they want. You can even recycle your food’s packaging right in the fridge.

Plus, unpurchased meals are often donated to local food depositories, providing healthy meals to people in need.


You’ll find Farmer’s Fridge at O’Hare International Airport in Terminal 3, across from Gate K6.

This quick and healthy option is precisely what we need more of in airports around the world, don’t you think?

What do you think of Farmer’s Fridge? Have you tried any of their meals? We’d love to know! Leave us a note in the comments below or tag your photos #ITravelWell to share your healthy airport food finds.

Nicola Brown

Senior Editor at Vane Magazine

Nicola is an international award-winning writer, editor and communication consultant based in Toronto. She has traveled to 32 countries so far and is always poised to head out the door again. She loves both the visceral and intellectual dimensions of travel, and will passionately argue for its psychological paybacks, especially after a few glasses of wine. Having spent many years on the road and in the air, she's interested in how travelers can maintain a healthy mind and body through it all.

  1. We were traveling to Iceland and wanted something healthy for our overnight flight. We were very excited to see your kiosk. We purchased salads, sandwiches and that amazing chia pudding. We were delighted with our choices. We even had a salad 24 hours later that was still in perfect condition. We encourage you to expand!! We hope to snag some on our return flight.

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