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Finding healthy food options has become a big priority for many people, especially those of us who travel frequently. Many travelers have historically struggled with trying to maintain a healthy routine while traveling, especially when it comes to flying and time spent at airports.

Thankfully, many companies and vendors are starting to respond by offering healthier choices at airports around the world. Form is one of them. The plant-based nutrition company recently partnered with Heathrow VIP to provide a robust set of menu options made with their products, and we can’t wait to try it out.

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Form Nutrition - Rye London
Form Nutrition – Rye London Vane Airport Editors

What is the Heathrow VIP experience?

The Heathrow VIP experience offers an exclusive door-to-door service for those flying Business and First Class through the airport. The service offers speed, comfort, privacy, and an exclusive level of luxury.

Heathrow VIP
Richard Boll | Heathrow VIP

If you’re departing from Heathrow

It starts with a chauffeur pick up in a luxury car from your UK address. When you arrive at the airport, you’re escorted straight to a private lounge while the VIP team takes care of all the details, including your luggage. Security is done quickly and privately in the VIP suite, and you are taken again by luxury vehicle directly to the aircraft.

If you’re arriving at Heathrow

At your destination, you’re taken by luxury vehicle to your private lounge while the VIP team collects your luggage and assists with any immigration formalities. When you’re ready to set off, a luxury car will take you to your destination.

Heathrow VIP private lounge
Vane Airport Editors

If you’ve got any unique needs or requests, the team is ready to handle them. It’s one of the most exclusive air travel experiences you can get, so of course, you can expect the food in the lounges to be excellent.

New Heathrow VIP healthy menus

Exclusive lounges offer private dining menus from Michelin starred chef Jason Atherton. Those menus will now feature healthy options created with Form protein blends. The healthy bespoke menu includes things like vegan banana bread with protein ice cream, chocolate and peanut protein bars with goji berries, and chia pots featuring matcha, kiwi, and coconut. Yum! The menu will change monthly so there’s always something new on offer.

Heathrow VIP chocolate and peanut protein bars with goji berries.
Heathrow VIP chocolate and peanut protein bars with goji berries. Vane Airport Editors

A recent study conducted under the supervision of Head of Nutrition at Form, Dr. Adam
Collins, Ph.D., looked into the eating habits of the British Airways Cabin Crew. The study highlighted that replacing carbs with protein-based foods could help fight the detrimental effects of eating at the wrong time of day on long-haul flights. So
each of the new exquisite-dining dishes on the Heathrow VIP menu has been specially created to boost physical and mental health during travel, giving passengers the best possible to start to their journeys.

Form nutritional snacks are now available in Heathrow VIP private lounges.
Form nutritional snacks are now available in Heathrow VIP private lounges. Vane Airport Editors

Form co-founder Damian Soong said: “There is no reason why nutrition should
not extend to traveling well, so we are excited to support Heathrow passengers’ wellness
journey with high-quality ingredients and beautiful presentation.”

The Form doesn’t just make healthy foods. For every order you place with them, they donate a meal to someone in need. Donations go to the Family Feeding Fund at Bansang Hospital in The Gambia.  Their other philanthropic initiative involves providing education to girls of Pushkar in Rajasthan. We love this holistic approach to healthy living and mindfulness towards others.

Holistic wellness at airports

Holistic wellness has gained in popularity recently. It’s the idea that it takes all forms of healthy living to make a delightful, healthy life. With the addition of a health-focused menu, the Heathrow VIP experience marries physical and mental comfort with a diet that supports a full picture of healthy living. It makes eating well at airports effortless, and that’s precisely how we want it to be.

Have you tried Form’s nutritional products, or experienced Heathrow VIP? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to tag #ITravelWell to join the healthy travel community next time you’re traveling!

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