You Have To Hand It To 10 Minute Manicure At Toronto’s Pearson Airport

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10 Minute Manicure Toronto Pearson Airport
10 Minute Manicure at Toronto Pearson Airport nail bar
10 Minute Manicure Toronto Pearson Airport nail polish colours
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10 Minute Manicure at Toronto Pearson Airport nails

When you’ve actually bothered to take the time and spend the money to get yourself an airport manicure, there’s nothing worse than being disappointed with the service and the end result.

Unless I’m inside an airport lounge, I am very dubious of on-the-go style nail bars at airports. Many of them can leave much to be desired.

10 Minute Manicure nails its service, atmosphere, and quality

Then there’s 10 Minute Manicure. I visited this nail spot at Toronto’s Pearson Airport en route to Hawaii, and I would absolutely go back again the next time I fly.

10 Minute Manicure Toronto Pearson Airport
Perfect shellac nails Nicola Brown | Vane Airport Media

Just look at that perfect shellac manicure!

5 reasons to get your nails done at 10 Minute Manicure

There were so many reasons I left 10 Minute Manicure feeling calm, happy and totally satisfied.

10 Minute Manicure Toronto Pearson Airport nail polish colours
Nicola Brown | Vane Airport Media

1. Huge range of nail polish colors

I couldn’t believe how many color options this small on-the-go nail bar had available. Even the shellac color options, which are usually disappointingly limited, were plentiful. This is a much larger selection than I’ve seen at many bigger airport spas.

I chose a nice neutral-pink that worked really well with my skin tone.

2. Amazing, professional, friendly service

My aesthetician Sejalben was the sweetest, friendliest person and such a delight to chat to before my flight. She’s been working at this location for 5 years and commutes over an hour each way because she loves the location, the customers, and her colleagues so much.

She really brightened my day and did a fantastic job with my manicure, too.

3. Calm atmosphere, convenient location

In Terminal 1’s USA Departures, 10 Minute Manicure is located near gate F57 in a relatively quiet stretch of the terminal, right across from a Relay, so you can browse magazine titles from your manicure seat.

It’s a super convenient location and is pretty easy to find. A row of seats lets you face outwards as you’re getting your nails done. Despite the pop-up booth setup and hole-in-the-wall sized location, the spot feels comfortable and serene.

4. Affordable prices

Unlike swankier nail spas, 10 Minute Manicure achieves the same level of quality at a fraction of the price.

The signature 10-minute manicure is just $15, while the full-blown half-hour spa version is $45.

10 Minute Manicure at Toronto Pearson Airport nail bar
Nicola Brown | Vane Airport Media

5. More than just manicures

They also do pedicures, massages, hair treatments and even teeth whitening at some locations. They somehow manage to offer just as full a range of services as some of the biggest airport and lounge spas. Pretty impressive.

At this one, they even sell flip flops!


10 Minute Manicure has 2 post-security locations in Terminal 1 at Toronto Pearson Airport. I visited the location in Terminal 1’s USA Departures near gate F57. There’s another in Terminal 1’s Canada Departures near gate D37.

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UPDATE MARCH 19, 2020 – This location is now closed and a new spa will be opening in 2020 at the same location. 

Nicola Brown

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