Airport Wellness Guide: How to Stay Healthy Traveling Through Schiphol

I visited my family in the Netherlands over Christmas, so I got to travel through Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport again in December 2018. I like this airport. There’s something that feels more zen about Schiphol than many other airports I’ve passed through (and I’ve passed through quite a few).

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport has a progressive approach to healthy travel. Here’s where to find everything you’re looking for when it comes to healthy eating, relaxation and wellness options at Schiphol.

XpresSpa Schiphol
PHOTO: Vane Airport Media


One of my favorite ways to de-stress at the airport is to get a quick spa treatment. XpresSpa offers a wide range of services including massages (a simple 15-minute foot massage to a 90-minute full body massage), nail treatments (from simple polish application to complete mani-pedis), facials, hair treatments (blowouts to deep conditioning available at the Lounge 2 location), and even waxing. They also have massage chairs to sit in while you wait.

I visited XpresSpa on my recent trip to Amsterdam. You can read my full review here.

Locations: D Gates, Lounge 2 Level II, Lounge 3 (all after security)


Sometimes you need to take a quiet time out while traveling. The airports’ website says: “Support when you need it. If you unexpectedly face emotional problems surrounding your departure or arrival at the airport, the airport chaplaincy is here to help. The chaplains are on-call for crisis situations 24-hours a day. They can be contacted at +31 20 601 4751.”

Location: After security, Lounge 2 Level II, open 24/7

PHOTO: Schipol Airport

New Meditation Centre

Architect Gerard van der Veer has designed a beautiful space with a glass wall with symbols of all major world religions, and broad white columns create a tranquil and spiritual atmosphere.

They have received over 60,000 visitors every year, a figure which would make many Dutch churches quite jealous.

And don’t forget to write something in our guest book when you drop in. It’s full of wonderful words of gratitude, such as: ‘Thanks a lot. The place is so peaceful and offers everyone a chance to reflect or offer their prayers. Kudos Schiphol!’

Location: Second floor of Lounge 2, at the start of Pier E

PHOTO: Schipol Airport


Been on a plane for several hours or preparing for a long-haul flight? 2 euros is all it costs to get a 5-minute shiatsu massage in this futuristic chair. Dream away while listening to relaxing music or watching the images on the screen.

This is an easy place to unwind, reduce your stress level and melt tension before continuing your journey. The Massage-O-Matics are available 24/7 can be found at different locations in Schiphol.

Before Security: Arrivals 4
After Security: B, D, E, F Gates and Lounge 1, Lounge 1 Level II, and Lounge 4

VIT Schiphol
PHOTO: Vane Airport Media

Healthy eating: VIT

Healthy eating at airports can be tough. But VIT has you covered at Schiphol. Once just a fresh-pressed juice counter, now VIT has a healthy range of food options. This is a great spot for those looking for healthy gluten-free or veggie fare too.

They do build-your-own salad bowls, poached egg breakfast bowls, and yogurt bowls. Smoothies are made with a state-of-the-art juice press. If you just need a smaller snack to go, pick up a packet of Rude Health chickpea and lentil or black bean cornitas.

I visited VIT on my recent trip to Amsterdam. You can read my full review here.

Location: Lounge 3 (after security).

PHOTO: Schipol Airport

Salon: Coiffure En Vogue

If you need to sort your crazy hair post-flight, Coiffure En Vogue is the place to do it. This upscale hair salon in the main Plaza area before security can help you transform from looking and feeling tired to looking and feeling fabulous.

Well-trained hairdressers are good at creating the style you want. Choose from blowouts and styling to cut and colors as well as a menu of deep conditioning and strengthening treatments.

Location: Plaza (before security). Open Mon & Sat 9:00 – 19:00 and Tue-Fri 9:00 – 21:00.

Where you can take a nap

There are two places to get some proper rest or simply just to take a shower to freshen up at Schiphol airport: YOTELAIR and Mercure Hotel.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport


YOTELAIR offers business class-inspired cabins to everyone, even if you don’t have a visa to enter the Netherlands. Monsoon rain showers, unlimited free hot drinks, and free wifi make this in-airport sleeping spot a tempting place to get some rest.

YOTELAIR has 2 shower cabins available to rent for up to 45 minutes, at the cost of €15.

Location: Upper level of Lounge 2 in piers D and E, next to the food court.

Mercure Hotel Schiphol
PHOTO: Schiphol Airport

Mercure Hotel

Mercure Hotel is a 3-star hotel inside the airport with day and night rooms. To stay at the hotel, you need a valid passport and flight ticket for the same or next day. Rooms are clean, modern and simple, and come with free wifi.

The shower costs €19,50 to use, and the price includes a towel and toiletries.

Location: Upper level in Lounge 3 in piers F, G, and H, opposite the KLM Crown Lounge.

PHOTO: Schipol Airport

Water refilling stations

Schiphol doesn’t just have a few places to fill up your water bottle, and they have a total of 80 water refilling stations throughout the airport. So you’re never far from hydration. Amazing!

PHOTO: Schipol Aiport

Visit the airport park

You’ve found the ideal place to relax – or to work up a sweat. This is Schiphol’s greenest spot and the only place you can get some fresh air before you collect your baggage.

You can lie back on a lounger or bean bag, read a book or take a nap, all to the sound of (pre-recorded) birdsong.

There are also exercise bikes if you need a little more energy to jolt yourself back to life – the bikes will charge up your phone while you pedal.

Location: After Security: Lounge 1, Lounge 1 Level II


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