Perth Airport Has a New Research-Based Wellness-Focused Qantas Lounge

New wellness-focused Qantas Lounge is open to travelers going through Perth when traveling on QF9 from Melbourne to London and QF10 from London to Melbourne.

If you plan to travel this route, which is an exhausting 17-hour long haul, this lounge has plenty of amenities to help you relax and restore.

The airline consulted with renowned Australian chef Neil Perry for its seasonal food offerings, and Australian industrial designer David Caon and SUMU design for the layout and decor.

They also work with the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre, and School of Physics for sleep expertise. We like how the airline is using an evidence-based approach to wellness and air travel.

Researchers at the Charles Perkins Centre have collaborated with Qantas to improve air travel health and wellbeing. The Charles Perkins Centre has worked with Qantas across a variety of fields including nutrition, physical activity, and sleep.

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How the new wellness-focused Qantas Lounge helps improve your journey 

PHOTO: Qantas

The timber-lined wellbeing studio offers stretching and breathing classes every 15 minutes pre- and post-flight. The classes are guided by a yoga teacher from Perth’s eco-luxe day spa group, Bodhi J Wellness Spa Retreats.

PHOTO: Qantas

The hydration station has some tasty drinks on offer. Thirst-quenching options include fruit-infused water, sparkling water, and tisane (herbal tea). We all know the necessity of staying hydrated and refreshed during travel!

Special light therapy helps you relax in their 15 spacious shower suites. The 15-minute sessions can help body clocks adjust to the destination time zone, increase alertness and combat the effects of jetlag.

A refresh area features face hydrating products.

An outdoor open-air terrace is perfect for a breath of fresh air.

At the wellness-focused Qantas lounge, everything is painstakingly designed with the aim of improving not comfort but wellbeing. And when you’re traveling on long-haul flights, a bit of research-based wellness goes a long way!

Eligible customers include those traveling in Business, and Qantas members including Platinum One, Platinum, Gold and Qantas Club members and their guests. Also Oneworld Emerald and Sapphire customers, and Emirates Platinum and Gold Skyward members.

You’ll find the wellness-focused Qantas lounge at T3/T4 integrated domestic and international passenger hub at Perth Airport.

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