Therapy Dogs In Canadian Airports: Get Licked And Love It

For nervous flyers or for travelers with a love for dogs, something amazing has happened: therapy dogs in Canadian airports.

That’s right; man’s best friend is to the rescue again. This time, our fluffy companions are here to help your time at the airport become a less stressful and anxiety-provoking experience.

Even if you’re not one to let the hectic airport environment get the best of you, who doesn’t love a lick and scratch from a friendly pup?

Why you should get licked by therapy dogs in Canadian airports:

There are many benefits to having dogs at the airport and it’s been scientifically proven that pet therapy can lower your blood pressure, make you feel calmer, decrease feelings of stress and loneliness and lower your anxiety – just to name a few.

This program has been incredibly successful and is expanding all over Canada. Think about it – when has laying eyes on a cute dog not made you crack a smile? They may not be fetching sticks but these dogs are such to fetch you a calmer attitude as you’re walking from gate to gate.

Where to get licked by therapy dogs in Canadian airports:

Currently, you can find airport therapy dogs in a number of cities across Canada including Edmonton, Winnipeg, Fort McMurray, Regina, and Saskatoon. Halifax is the latest city to embark on the Airport Therapy Dog program, making Nova Scotia the first Atlantic province to take on these uber-friendly pets.

For those frequent fliers, you may get to know these pets pretty well too. Most of them have scheduled times that they stroll around the airports (guided, of course) and with one wag of their tails bring a happier atmosphere to you and the airport.

Therapy dogs in Canadian airports


Therapy Dogs in Canadian Airports
PHOTO: Halifax Airport

#1 Halifax (YHZ) – You can catch their seven dogs on Tuesdays and Fridays starting at 1pm – and they’re planning on growing their number of dogs as the program gets going. During Christmas they do extra shifts and so far it’s been a phenomenal success with the travelers!

Therapy Dogs in Canadian Airports
PHOTO: Fort McMurray Airport

#2 Fort McMurray (YMM) – The dogs are out from 6-7: 30 pm on the first and third Thursday of the month (tip: book your flights on Thursdays!) and are located on the 2nd-floor passenger lounge area. Fort McMurray is the 4th city in Canada to offer the airport therapy dog program.

#3 Thunder Bay (YQT) – Thunder Bay Airport currently has 10 teams of dogs and handlers out and about in the airport every day of the week during various hours. Their program started in September 2015 and has been hugely successful – they even take requests to visit passengers who are scared of flying!

Therapy Dogs in Canadian Airports
PHOTO: Winnipeg Airport

#4 Winnipeg (WAA) – This airport is lucky enough to have 38 therapy dogs! So far, the program is pretty new but eventually, they hope to have dogs in the airport 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. This program has only been in action since December 2015.

Therapy Dogs in Canadian Airports
PHOTO: Edmonton Airport

#5 Edmonton (EIA) – There’s usually one dog + person team roaming around Edmonton airport, sometimes two, however they work by the dogs’ schedule so it can vary from day to day! Edmonton Airport was also the first airport in Canada to introduce this program back in March 2015.

Therapy Dogs in Canadian Airports
PHOTO: Regina Airport

#6 Regina (YQR) – One of the first airports to start the therapy dog program, Regina Airport launched over a year ago in February 2015 and currently the dogs are out on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

#7 Calgary (YYC) – Make you layover less ruff by meeting the Pre-board pals airport therapy dogs, of Calgary International Airport with their volunteer side-kicks in tow, greet visitors during peak travel times every Thursday to Saturday.

#8 Toronto (YTZ) – Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport is now working with St. John Ambulance therapy dogs like this adorable pug. The program launched recently in December 2017. The St. John Ambulance therapy dog program has been going since 1992, and helps over 120,000 people a year.

#9 Vancouver (YVR) – Vancouver International Airport launched its YVR Ambassador Dogs program in August 2017. Their 7 dogs, Molly, Bailey, Mira, Norman, Grover, Kermode, and Soda will be in the terminal Monday to Friday, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. The shaggy brown bear above is Norman.

#10 Saskatoon (YXE) – Saskatoon Airport launched its therapy dog program in February 2015, also with St. John Ambulance therapy dogs that qualify through a national certification process. They come in all shapes and sizes!

Next time you’re having a ruff time on your travels, seek out one of the therapy dogs in Canadian airports! We promise you’ll love it.

Melina Morry

Melina has a knack for travel style, a love for leopards and is always keen to pack a suitcase and fly to a different part of the world.

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