5 Top Inflight Wellness Content Experiences You Can Get Now

Wellness trends have not just landed at airports. Airlines are offering a variety of inflight wellness amenities and services too.

International and domestic carriers are now providing inflight wellness content you can watch before, during, and after your flight.

Our latest list of top inflight wellness content is focused on a variety of modalities to help your journey be a healthier one. We found inflight wellness content that includes posture tips, breathing techniques, mindful meditation, and exercises.

Much of the inflight wellness content has been created by the airline in partnership with wellness experts. Many of these experiences can be done while in your seat.

Top 5: inflight wellness content to check out on your next journey

1. Smiling Mind on Virgin Australia

The Smiling Mind app has partnered with Virgin Australia to provide inflight wellbeing and mindfulness meditation resources.

You can access Smiling Mind’s guided meditations via the inflight entertainment system.


2. Pure Yoga on Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific and Pure Yoga have created Travel Well with Yoga, an easy-to-follow yoga and meditation video series for inflight wellness for body and mind. The Travel Well with Yoga series includes useful tips for pre- and post-flight wellness, too.

Pure Yoga founding teachers Patrick Creelman and Almen Wong lead you through some simple and effective routines to soothe your muscles and calm your mind, designed to benefit all types of travelers.

3. Mind on Air France

Air France passengers traveling onboard a long-haul flight can discover the benefits of meditation in partnership with the Mind app, Arènes, and L’Iconoclaste editions.

Young and old passengers alike can enjoy guided meditation sessions available in the new “meditation” section on their screens on board Air France aircraft.

Six videos for children include “The flying frog” and “Attention starts with the breath” taken from Eline Snel’s book Sitting Still Like A Frog edited by Les Arènes.

Six videos for adults include the sessions “Mind travel” and “Achieving inner calm and peace” taken from Christophe André’s bestseller Mindfulness Day After Day edited by L’Iconoclaste.


4. Inflight Workouts on Qantas

Inflight Workouts by Qantas are designed to provide a safe way to stretch and enjoy movement in certain muscle groups that can become stiff as a result of long periods of sitting. They may be effective at increasing the body’s blood circulation and massaging the muscles.

The videos recommend that you do these inflight wellness exercises for around three or four minutes every hour and occasionally get out of your seat and walk down the aisles. Each exercise can be done with minimal disturbance to other passengers.

Videos are in partnership with Physitrack, The University of Melbourne, and Sports Medicine Australia.

5. Ola Pono Health and Wellness on Hawaiian Airlines

Slip into relaxation before you arrive at your destination with the Ola Pono Health and Wellness video series. The videos are led by Wainani of Wainani Wellness Center. You’ll learn pre-flight, inflight, and post-flight stretching and breathing exercises. The exercises can help with blood circulation, stiff joints, and even jet lag.

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Integrating mindfulness into our everyday lives is just as important as eating well and exercising regularly.  I am so excited to see all these airlines deeply embracing onboard wellness content.

Have you experienced any of these videos we mentioned? Do you think they are helpful? Let us know in the comments below. You can also follow our dedicated Instagram page for our daily inflight wellness updates.

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