Travel Sized Beauty By Stowaway Cosmetics

There is so much confusion around make-up products that you can bring in your carry on luggage. Does it fit the regulations? Are you going to have to toss it away at customs if it doesn’t? What a hassle (and the waste of money). Being avid travelers here at VANE Airport, we were incredibly thankful to discover travel-sized beauty from Stowaway Cosmetics.

Of course, Stowaway isn’t only aimed at creating makeup to take on an airplane – it’s also great for packing in a gym bag, bringing in your clutch for a night out, and perhaps best of all, being able to finish a product before it expires.

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As Stowaway says, their products are “designed to fit into your life so you can feel beautiful anywhere.” We’re on board with that (and so is our makeup – pun intended).

We asked Stowaway Cosmetics co-founder, Chelsa Crowley, to tell us more about their perfect travel-sized beauty.

Travel Sized Beauty by Stowaway Cosmetics


travel sized beauty by stowaway cosmetics

How does your product comply with TSA standards? Our products are TSA approved! My co-founder Julie and I have traveled with them several times, and it’s been great to never worry about throwing out our favorite makeup products.

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What sort of reaction to traveling with the products have you had from customers? 
We hear all the time from our customers that we’ve made her life more comfortable. I think the right-sized combo of having makeup essentials that fit into her life no matter if she’s walking to the boardroom or walking to board her flight and also our customer knows that we’ve thought about the things, so she doesn’t have to from, safe ingredients to expiration dates.

Was travel a major factor when creating the mini-sized products? Actually, no. We don’t even think of Stowaway as “mini sizes” we think of them as right-sized. Meaning, yes, they are smaller, so they go where you go, but they are designed to be finished before they expire. The sizes allow us to create safe products without questionable stabilizing chemicals for shelf-life.
Will the Stowaway recycling program be available internationally in the future or just in the U.S.?  Currently, we only sell within the US – that said, once we venture outside our borders we will 100% offer everything we offer to our domestic customers, including the recycling program.

Which of the products would you include in an “essential travel kit” to take on a plane? Our currently six product lineup IS the “essential kit” — regardless if you’re traveling or not. We purposely kept in mind what we thought would be the Little Black Dress of beauty and backed into our original product with that mindset. Of course, we realize everyone’s little black dress varies, so we are excited to be launching new products throughout this year and the beginning of next. Stay tuned!

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