Finnair’s Platinum Wing Lounge at Helsinki Airport

Finnair’s recently-opened the Platinum Wing lounge at Helsinki Airport, the new lounge offers some communal sweating in a unisex sauna.

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Finnair’s Platinum Wing lounge is located in the non-Schengen side of Helsinki Airport. It has been going through significant upgrades recently. Here are some of the lounge’s new wellness offerings to help you unwind and relax.

Five wellness offerings to indulge in at Finnair’s Platinum Wing Lounge at Helsinki Airport

1. Serene design

The lounge entrance is separate from the hustle and bustle of the main terminal. The white and oak with clean minimal lines creates an immediate sense of calm and sets the tone for the lounge experience that awaits.

You can check into the lounge either by an automated gate or by seeing a lounge host.

PHOTO: Finnair

2. Relax and unwind zone

The lounge has been sectioned into different “zones” to meet different travelers’ needs and moods.

“We spent a lot of time trying to understand how our customers use the lounge, what they typically do there, and built the floorplan and spaces around these needs. Whether you are looking to work or to relax and unwind. There is sure to be something for everybody,” says David Kondo, Head of Customer Experience Product Design at Finnair.

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3. Calming light and sound

There is a quiet area at the back of the lounge with soft natural light, and acoustic panels line the walls to dampen noise. The “Angel Wing” floor lights designed by Alvar Aalto in 1954 and specially manufactured in an exclusive color for Finnair provide a warm glow.

4. The Finnair sauna

The sauna is mixed-use and lined in darkened natural aspen wood to replicate the authentic Finnish smoke sauna experience. Men and women have separate dressing rooms on each side of the sauna.

Lighting changes the mood of the sauna, depending on the time of day.  There is a large cooling room to be used in conjunction with the sauna. For an optimal sauna experience, many recommended that after a hot sauna session to cool down first before heading out.

PHOTO: Finnair

5. Private shower suites

There are several private shower suites which travelers can book via automated touchscreens. The shower suites come stocked with amenities from Swedish organic skincare brand L: A Bruket. Business Class inflight bathrooms and amenity kits contain them too.

There is also a small window shop of curated Finnair Travel Retail products available for last-minute gift shopping.

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Getting into the lounge 

As the lounge’s name hints, not every traveler can waltz into the Platinum Wing.

The lounge is exclusive to Platinum-grade members of the Finnair Plus frequent flyer program (including the high Platinum Lumo tier) and other Oneworld Emerald cardholders. Qantas Platinum, BA Executive Club Gold, and Cathay Pacific’s Marco Polo Club Diamond can access the lounge too.

Is there anything more Finnish than an airport lounge with a sauna? We like this unique way to relax before your flight.

So, would you strip down and sauna before taking off on your next flight?

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