United Airlines Launches Polaris Lounge at SFO

United’s new Polaris international premium cabin experience is all about giving long-haul travelers better sleep in the sky.

Now customers traveling in United Polaris can relax and refresh on arrival in the new United Polaris lounge at San Francisco International Airport.

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Here are some of the features to look forward to.

PHOTO: United Airlines

Five private daybeds outfitted with Saks Fifth Avenue bedding.

Imagine being able to take a nap—an actual restorative nap.

Whether you’re a “Road Warrior” or a vacationer off to a distant land, you likely have your sleep schedule disrupted. According to the Sleep Foundation,

Every day, millions of travelers struggle against one of the most common sleep disorders — jet lag. For years, jet lag was considered merely a state of mind.

Now, studies have shown that the condition actually results from an imbalance in our body’s natural “biological clock” caused by traveling to different time zones. Basically, our bodies work on a 24-hour cycle called “circadian rhythms.”

When we travel to a new time zone, our circadian rhythms are slow to adjust. They remain on their original schedule for several days. As a result, our bodies tell us it’s time to sleep in the middle of the afternoon or keep us awake late at night.

Which means forty winks can sometimes be just the right thing to help readjust.

Shower Suite at United Polaris lounge at SFO
PHOTO: United Airlines

Eight luxurious shower suites, featuring rainfall showers.

Rain shower heads offer an exotic alternative to your run-of-the-mill shower. They’re usually larger, and they hang directly above you… So you feel like you’re being washed by a cloud!

Soho House & Co’s Cowshed all-natural spa products. 

Just thinking of stepping into a spa can calm your mind and body. Get the feel and smell of spa products for an instant breath of serenity.

Personal valet services, including steaming garments.

Steaming can make your clothes—and you—look relaxed and fresh.

The United Polaris lounge at Newark Liberty International Airport is expected to open by early June. The lounge at George Bush Intercontinental in Houston will open this summer, and the one at Los Angeles International Airport is coming this fall.


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