Use #ITravelWell Hashtag To Find Airport Wellness Services

Whether you’re a wellness professional, frequent flyer, or merely a healthy living enthusiast, you’re probably like me and are always searching for ways to stay healthy during travel.

The travel and airports are responding by finding ways to integrate healthy and mindful options into their products and services.

The digital world is a hub rallying around conversations. Use the #ITraveWell hashtag to share wellness travel information.

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PHOTO: Vane Airport Media

Technology is changing how we travel for the better

Since the advent of social media, the traveler’s journey has changed significantly.

We no longer need to rely on out-of-date guidebooks with limited information or cumbersome paper maps to navigate.

Instead, we turn to our friends, coworkers, and influencers. The expanding social media universe allows us to seek inspiration, do research, and share our best experiences with the world.

Health and wellness at airports 

You can now find a wealth of information about health and wellness travel online, and as flying becomes a more significant part of our lives, taking a healthy approach is becoming increasingly popular.

You are caring for your body before, during, and after travel helps you adjust with greater ease and comfort to the change.

You can try a variety of things to facilitate this process. Try being mindful of your diet, your physical condition, and your mood. Take nutrition-boosting supplements, get more exercise, and ensure proper rest during your travel.

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Use the #ITravelWell hashtag to find wellness services at global airports

Staying healthy when traveling isn’t always easy, but taking advantage of social media hashtags can help.

Follow and tag #ITravelWell to discover some of the newest and best wellness finds around the world.  Connect with like minded travel wellness seekers. You can find everything from healthier food options at airports to where to discover the best yoga room and airport spas.

Discover expert tips for de-stressing and being mindful when you fly, and get inspired for how to spend a healthy layover in cities around the world.

We’re excited to see our community grow as the desire for healthy travel grows!



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