5 Things We Love About VIT Restaurant At Schiphol Airport

You’re in one of the world’s busiest airports, Amsterdam’s Schiphol, a bright and airy but potentially alienating structure of glass and white-painted metal. It’s a modern travel factory. What can you find to refresh and rehumanize yourself?

How about a greenhouse, full of fresh foods and beverages made right on the spot just for you?

Welcome to VIT. You’ll love it. We do.

Here are five things we love about it.

PHOTO: lovethatdesign.com

1. The Location

Come to Lounge 3, on the Departures level, inside security. Whether you’ve made it through security and needed a moment, please, or you’re transferring from one flight to another, there you are: among the shops and cafés, with travelers streaming and eddying around you.

You could buy more stuff that you don’t need and have no place to pack, or you could get some heavily processed fast food, or… ah, yes, here’s the place. Fuel for life, as VIT says: no sugar, preservatives, pesticides, chemicals or any other additives, just pure, natural produce 100% of the time, ready for you.

2. The Greenhouse

Right by the windows, overlooking the apron, VIT’s self-supporting green frame sits like a little farm greenhouse in a grove of lemon trees. The tables are blonde wood, the counters are raw, sculpted concrete and white reconstituted stone, and everything is accented with leafy green and citrus yellow. And there’s a cute little back-house in the green tile to complete the cozy scene.

3. The Juicer

The heart of VIT is the cold-press juicer. It spends its days extracting the fresh goodness from organic fruits and vegetables. Pause for a moment to watch it. And then, when it has poured out the best of nature for you, take your choice of delicious and nutritious juices, smoothies, or shots… and feel your body perk up as fresh as a spring morning.

4. The Kitchen

It’s not just about the juice, either. VIT offers you nutritious bites along with customizable options such as egg bowls, super salads and yogurt bowls full of fiber. Have your dish made fresh on the spot, as easy as one-two-three: choose a base, a filling, and a topping. Or choose from ready-made dishes kept fresh for you.

5. The Speed

Yes, of course, we want to take a break from rush-rush-rush. But we don’t want to take so long a break that we end up having to rush even more! The one-two-three method keeps it clean and simple, and the team at VIT make your food fresh on the spot in an elegant ballet of efficient grace.

But if you’re really in the slender moment connecting two trips, you can just walk up to their grab-and-go section and… well, grab and go! Take freshly composed natural nutrition with you for the journey ahead. And a little smile at having passed through this little greenhouse, of course.

Location: Post security in Lounge 3, Hours Open, 06:30 to 21:00


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