We Are Thrilled That SFO Airport Will Ban The Sale Of Plastic Water Bottles

The war on airport water has a new twist. Gone are the days of buying a plastic bottle of water at San Francisco International Airport. If you want water, you’ll either have to bring your reusable bottle or prepare to purchase recyclable aluminum and glass containers.

The latest outrage will come from those travellers who have not converted to carrying their own water bottle. This new policy bans the sale of single-use plastic water bottles and is active today Aug. 20, 2019.

The new rule — which exempts flavoured water — will apply to restaurants, cafes and vending machines at the airport.

Fliers who want plain water will have to buy refillable aluminum or glass bottles if they don’t bring their own.

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The challenge of staying hydrated at airports even if you bring your bottle to SFO Airport 

We firmly believe we need to stop using single-use plastic madness. However, we think there could be some issues with the new policy. I wonder about the airport-approved glass?

Water is a basic human necessity for travellers. Airport security has prevented travellers from bringing bottled water. Hence, it is the responsibility of the airports to ensure the availability of safe drinking water to all passengers, free of cost.

For several years now, travellers have been part of a losing battle against the sale of bottled water at outrageous prices at airports. It’s particularly pinching when you have a delayed flight and are forced to pay double or triple the price.

SFO does provide an adequate number of water fountains and hot water fountains for passengers to refill their bottle easily. Take a look here where to find refill stations at SFO Airport.

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Will this no plastic water bottle policy SFO Airport be a win-win for travellers and the environment?

Are you 100% on board with this initiative? We are curious how you feel about the new  SFO’s policy change? Let us know your thought below.




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