Interview: Jay Wright Founder of The Wright Fit Just Landed at JFK Airport

Coming soon to JFK Airport is The Wright Fit, a 10,000-square-foot fitness center in the new landmark TWA Hotel opening May 15, 2019.

The 512-room TWA Hotel promises to restore the 1962 terminal to its “Jet Age” glory, and The Wright Fit is the right fit for that! The Wright Fit has designed more than 140 premium health clubs worldwide, and it operates 20 facilities in New York City, including 15 Central Park West, 432 Park Avenue, 220 Central Park South and 150 Charles Street.

Jay Wright, a leading strength and conditioning specialist, and celebrity trainer is the CEO of The Wright Fit. I recently had a phone chat with him to find out more about this new airport gym.

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PHOTO: The Wright Fit

Why this is no ordinary airport hotel gym

Most airport hotel gyms are sad, small, empty, out-of-the-way rooms with old and limited equipment. The vast Wright Fit is the opposite. No matter what you’re looking for in fitness, you’ll find what’s right for you. As Jay Wright told Vane, “The vision is to offer different modalities of movement to achieve optimum circulation.”

The Wright Fit is more than just a big hotel gym. They are creating a space where travelers can be educated holistically in fitness and wellness to achieve their best body and well-being.

The gym will offer a packed schedule of classes, such as heart-pumping cycling sessions.

Beyond its variety of equipment, it has an independent studio space, “to relax, practice yoga, use mats or a foam roller or use the space to jump rope.”

The new airport gym will have eight showers and fully stocked, salon-style vanities (think hairdryers and custom TWA Hotel grooming products). There will be a variety of grab-n-go nutritious, rejuvenating snacks and juices.

I asked Jay for his thoughts on airport and travel fitness.

On a travel day, you’re on the move. Why is taking the time to work out a good idea?

“We are meant to be moving, we are designed to move,” Jay told me. On a travel day, we may be going places, but we’re really sitting on airport chairs and then in airplane seats for a prolonged time. We’re confined to a small space – the opposite of what we’re made for.

“The chair is a modern invention,” Jay pointed out. Sitting for long periods of time isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s dangerous. Our circulation is poor, and we risk problems such as deep vein thrombosis.

A workout at the gym can help this, but we need to see the fuller picture and pay attention to the whole body’s movement to restore and relax.

Can you beat jet lag through exercise? Last year, I read about a fitness program called  “sweatlag” that claimed you can workout jetlag out.

Jay is skeptical of such quick fixes. Nothing works, he told me, unless you stay on your circadian rhythm. Get your internal body clock in order first to beat fatigue.

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And how do you handle a long airport lineup that doesn’t seem to move?

“Endure and breathe – and breathe deeper, too,” replied Jay.

Eventually, you’ll be through the line. And if you’re lucky, The Wright Fit will await you at your next stop.

The new Wright Fit at JFK Airport will offer day passes and monthly membership. The fitness center is free for TWA Hotel guests and is open 24/7.


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