5 Reasons To Visit Heathrow Airport Garden

VANE Wellness Insight: Exposure to nature is shown to decrease stress and increase general well-being.

Many airports throughout the world are investing in green infrastructure. With that being said, there are many airport gardens in north american airports, and international airports gardens. Some examples include Singapore’s Changi airport, Kuala Lumpur international airport and Dubai airport. Total eye candy!

The Heathrow Airport Garden Gates measure 1.8m high x 2.4m wide. Within their confines, they contain 240 plants each. There are 240 plants per gate! With there being 7 gates in the gate room, there is a total of 1,680 plants!

Each plant panel is fitted with a water reservoir and nutrient system. This makes it so the plants can grow in an artificial environment. As a result, the necessary components of this beautiful system.


5 Reasons To Visit the Heathrow Airport Garden

1. Take a selfie

Did you know, Heathrow Airport Garden Gate includes 1,680 plants? Yes! This includes the UK’s own English Ivy and the Peace Lily! A perfect nostalgic photoshoot backdrop for young lovers as well as the curious layover wanders.


Academic research points to a correlation between calm, comfort and relaxation and exposure to plants. Chill out with a bit of nature to soothe your soul.

3.Admire something beautiful

Garden lovers adore looking at other people’s creations. This is a chance to admire, snipe, and mimic the lives of the rich and famous in the gardening world. Here is a great garden voyeur’s chance: wander.

4.Breathe in some freshness

There are some purifying benefits that plants provide. These include improving air quality by reducing dust levels and increasing humidity. Also, let’s not forget that plants control carbon dioxide concentration in the air! You’ll notice that certain pollutants and toxins are absent from the air too.

5. Take a walk.

Stroll through the Heathrow Airport Garden and unwind. Let your surroundings put your mind at ease. Allow the stressors of your daily life to melt away as the beauty brings you to a relaxed state.

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