Keep Calm and Fly On: The Best Places to Zen Out at the Airport

With national security issues once again in the forefront, airport waits are becoming longer and longer. Remember, this is the time to keep calm and fly on! We don’t let long waits get us down. Or do we?

Prior to a flight – or certainly in between connecting flights – we can be waiting a long time. Sometimes 3 or 4 hours, sometimes longer. This can be very stressful and frustrating even for the very mellow yellow traveler. Like myself.

To help deal with this, airports are providing various onsite mini-hotel experiences for stressed out travelers. Those who are searching for peace and a little quiet and basically to find some zen.

Here are some ways to keep calm and fly on during your layover.

Keep Calm and Fly On: The Best Places to Zen Out at the Airport

keep calm and fly on - the best places to zen out at the airport


Minute Suites

The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport provides a relaxing on-site service that is the first of its kind in any U.S. airport. They’re called Minute Suites. Such suites allow passengers to relax, conduct business and even sleep in spacious, private suites between flights or during long delays.

There are six suites in total. For those travelers who want to power nap, each suite comes with a daybed sofa, pillows, and fresh blankets. A sound-masking system in each suite neutralizes noise, and a unique “napware” audio program helps deliver a refreshing “power nap”.

keep calm and fly on - minute suites, zen out at the airport
PHOTO: Minute Suites

For those air travelers who just want to chill, each room also has high-definition televisions with access to DIRECTV, the Internet and the airport’s flight-tracking system. The television converts to a computer and the airport’s flight-tracking system. A desk, phone and office chair provide guests with a functional work station. Laptop users can connect to the Internet using airport Wi-Fi or a direct connection port within the suite.

Basically, these minute suites have all the comforts of a home office in an airport without annoying energy-saving salesmen knocking on your door.

Location: Minute Suites has various locations. Find out more about their specific suites here.

Snooze Cubes

If you should, for some reason, be in Dubai and your flight is delayed for hours due to inclement weather, airplane repair or an unexpected Presidential executive order banning travel to the U.S – you don’t have to suffer any discomfort.

keep calm and fly on - the best places to zen out at the airport
PHOTO: Snooze Cube

The Dubai International Airport provides you with the option of renting a room in a mini-hotel or snooze cube, right on site. These snooze cubes do not seem as fancy as the above-noted minute suites. Rather, these snooze cubes seem just a step up from sitting in the terminal next to a very loud family of 6. Basically, it’s a private place to lay one’s head. It’s a minimalist space. Just large enough for a small bed, a touchscreen tv and room enough to hang your coat and store your carry-on luggage.

Location: Snooze Cube, Concourse D located opposite to Gate D7 in Concourse D, Terminal 1


The new YOTELAir hotel in the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport boasts premium cabins which are double rooms or even larger family cabins, featuring bunk beds for over-tired, cranky and sleep-deprived children. Every cabin has a comfy bed, climate control, a functional shower and access to Wi-Fi. Each YOTELAir room comes with its own lounge where people can chill, hang out, watch tv or have mini biz meetings.


Private pods accommodate short-stays and charge pay-by-the-hour for micro-spaces to unwind and relax in. I love the soothing tones of each cabin, the bedding, and stylish furniture.

Sahrette Saayman from Yotel explained that “Bookings are made for a minimum of four hours and then by the hour, so our guests can really plan their booking times for when they need it, whether it is an overnight stay before or after a flight or during a long transit.”

They also operate YOTELAIR hotels in London Heathrow, London Gatwick, and Amsterdam Schiphol airports. Their next YOTELAIR property to open will be in 2018 in Singapore Changi Airport.

Location: See where to find YOTELAir around the world here.

Zero Level Fitness

ZEROlevel Fitness is another place to take a snooze at the airport. Well, if you happen to be at McCarran International Airport that is. They offer both fitness and wellness services to those traveling (and working) in McCarran Airport. If you want to shower, workout or nap, they’ve got you covered.

keep calm and fly on - the best places to zen out at the airport
PHOTO: ZEROlevel Fitness

The 2 nap rooms start from $5/hour and go up to $12/hour depending on how long you want to stay. That rate also includes the use of showers, saunas and towel service.

Location: Level 0, Below Baggage Claim #10, Terminal 1

Namaste, weary airplane travelers. Keep calm and fly on!

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