5 things to do at 6am at Heathrow Airport

If you’re worried about being bored before your flight, Heathrow Airport is just the place you want to be. Everything – including shops, cafes, a mini version of Harrods – is open by 6 am and even though the airport isn’t bustling with people at that time, there are plenty of things to do.

It’s actually a bonus that it’s fairly empty – more room for you to browse!

So don’t fret about being at Heathrow Airport before the sun comes up! Grab a coffee (or tea, since you’re in England after all), buy some biscuits and enjoy the morning.

5 things to do at 6 am at Heathrow Airport – TERMINAL 2

1. EAT

This is a given – of course, you’re going to eat at the airport no matter what time it is. Even if it is only 6 am at Heathrow Airport, there are tons of breakfast (and other) options. Some of the cafes include Costa, Ca’puccino, EAT and Caffè Nero. If you’re feeling like a restaurant meal, try Seafood Bar, The Gorgeous Kitchen or YO! Sushi.

For a truly Heathrow experience, you’ve got to try out The Flying Chariot – it’s a 2-floor pub & restaurant, inspired by Heathrow’s history and has an observation deck overlooking the runways.

5 things to do at 6am at Heathrow Airport - The Flying Chariot
PHOTO: Heathrow Airport


You won’t run out of things to buy at Heathrow Airport – and even if you run out of room to put all your purchases, there’s a luggage shop where you can pick up an extra carry-on! (Granted that you didn’t have one, to begin with.)

There are all the designer boutiques like Burberry, Hugo Boss, and Michael Kors, but if you missed out on a true London shopping experience, you’ll want to check out Harrods. Who doesn’t want to take home with them one of the famous green Harrods bags?

5 things to do at 6am at Heathrow Airport - Harrods
PHOTO: Heathrow Airport


At Leon’s restaurant, there are plugs and USB ports to charge your electronics while you sip organic coffee or you can find places to charge at your gate and scattered throughout the terminal.

5 things to do at 6am at Heathrow Airport - Leon
PHOTO: Heathrow Airport


For a fee, you can take a hot shower or snooze a little in a private bed before your flight. This is especially good if you’ve just come off of a long flight and are waiting to catch another – everyone needs a refresh after a long flight. Both the showers and the private relaxation rooms are located in the Plaza Premium Lounge, which also offers a champagne bar, freshly made food, and a spa.

5 things to do at 6am at Heathrow Airport - Plaza Premium
PHOTO: Heathrow Airport


For some people, meditation might come in the form of praying or being mindful of one’s self. For others, it could mean heading to the spa to meditate with your thoughts while getting a massage. Heathrow Airport has both of those options covered: the Plaza Premium spa offers a variety of massages and there are two multi-faith prayer rooms (near gate A21 and B34).

5 things to do at 6am at Heathrow Airport - Plaza Premium Spa
PHOTO: Heathrow Airport
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