Where to Find the Best Airport Sushi

We know what you’re thinking: airport and sushi are two words that should never be spoken together. We get it, there’s nothing that needs to be fresh more than sushi, and nowhere known for skimping on freshness quite like airport restaurants.

But hear us out — we’ve seen airport food come a long way over the past few years, especially in terms of freshness. Gone are the days of soggy sandwiches and stale chips — today’s on-the-fly dining options are gourmet, delicious, artisanal, and nothing to be afraid of. And yes, that even means sushi.

Better yet, these spots aren’t just in Asia — they’re worldwide. From New York to Oslo, these are the spots worth conquering your fear of airport sushi.




Sushi Kyotatsu, Tokyo Narita International Airport

Touted as some of the best sushi in the world — no, not the best airport sushi, just the best sushi period — Sushi Kyotatsu is located in Terminal 1 of the Tokyo Narita International Airport. A traditional old-Tokyo style restaurant, the unassuming spot is marked with a sign reading just ‘Sushi,’ and offers affordable prices, a take out window, and a casual atmosphere. In fact, the sushi is so fresh and the views of the runway so breathtaking that both the to-go and dine-in portions of the restaurant often have lines out the door.




Deep Blue, JFK Airport

New York’s JFK is home to a range of dining hotspots, including the popular Deep Blue Sushi and their to-go option, Deep Blue on the Fly. The Japanese-style menu, curated by Buddakan’s Michael Schulson, includes sushi and sashimi as well as specialty rolls like the Crispy Maine Lobster, King Crab California, or Kobe Beef Tataki. The menu is rounded out with selections of noodles, meat, seafood, and hot and cold small plates.




Yo! Sushi, Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Oslo might not scream “sushi,” but Yo! Sushi is a fun and delicious conveyor belt-style restaurant that pulls through when it comes to feeding that sushi craving. They offer seven different colors of plates (at seven different prices), which makes it especially easy to avoid racking up a bill — which is often far too easy to do at sushi restaurants. They offer dishes ranging from the modern and Americanized, including avocado maki and apply gyoza and salted miso caramel, to more traditional selections, including tamago nigiri and salmon maki.




One Flew South, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Widely considered one of the best airport restaurants in the world, One Flew South offers a unique range of global, travel-inspired fare, including an upscale sushi menu. The restaurant emphasizes their commitment to fresh ingredients, and they definitely deliver on their promise — especially with the sushi selections. Best of all, you can top off your hand roll, sashimi, sushi, or roll with some authentic sake.




Itacho Sushi, Singapore Changi Airport

Itacho means “chief chef” in Japanese, and Itacho Sushi strives to embody this standard of freshness, attention to detail, and world-class cuisine. The restaurant looks more like a hip NYC or LA restaurant than an airport vendor — and it takes more like it, too. But with affordable prices, this spot will leave you feeling satisfied and ready to take flight (…literally) without breaking the budget.

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