5 Things To Do At 6am At Newark Airport

Early morning flights can suck. Not only are we rolling out of bed before the sun comes up but we’re often stuck wondering what will I do for 3 hours before my flight?! We’re on a mission to find you the bests things to do before those early morning boarding calls and this time our focus is on Newark Airport.

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Recently on a trip back to Toronto from New York City, we were at Newark Airport researching five things to keep you entertained at 6 am. Here’s an extra travel tip for you: we were there on a Saturday morning, and the airport was virtually empty – more room for you to bust out a yoga move!

5 things to do at 6 am at Newark Airport – Terminal B


5 things to do at 6am at Newark Airport

1. Grab a freshly squeezed juice at Mediterranean Bistro.

What better way to start your day and replenish your vitamins before a flight than with a freshly squeezed juice or smoothie? We’re all about staying healthy and happy at the airport, so this was the first place we went to hit up.

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2. Talk to a virtual woman.

Who is this woman? Why is she here? And most importantly, what is she even saying? These were all questions that went through our minds when we came across this Airport Virtual Assistant – or AVA as they apparently know.

3. Chill out in the Art & Lounge lounge.

The Art & Lounge lounge is located Terminal B, landside which makes it an ideal place for business meetings with people who don’t need to fly! Some of the complimentary amenities they offer include a selection of foods, alcohol, coffee, wifi and private workstations.

The Art & Lounge is located in the central corridor just before security, between Satellites B2 & B3. The hours for this lounge are a little later than 6 am (they’re open from 9 am daily except for Saturdays) but if your flight leaves at 9 am or later, it’s perfect.

4. Stay connected and charge your phone.

There are a few charging stations around Newark Airports Terminal B, however, if you want to stay connected to the internet for more than 30 mins, there’s a price to pay. Maybe this is an excellent opportunity to take some time away from the internet?! After your 30 free minutes, of course.

5. Hit up Green Beans Coffee for an americano (and maybe another smoothie).

We are not ones to skip out on our morning dose of caffeine – especially at 6 am. Green Beans Coffee has a great selection of coffees, and you can also get a fresh smoothie here. There you have it: coffee and breakfast at the same place!

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