Airlines Are Giving Travelers Some Much-Needed Headspace

Many airlines now have initiatives and tools to make flying less stressful.

ANA airlines have a brand new wellness app, Qantas recently launched an in-flight meditation video series, and Hawaiian Airlines also has holistic wellness content available through their in-flight entertainment system.

Headspace in the air

It will delight frequent travelers to know that the popular Headspace app for meditation is available through many airlines’ entertainment systems, so you can get into the zone in the air and de-stress on the go.

What is the Headspace app?

Headspace is a meditation app that launched in 2010 featuring guided meditations from the soothing British voice of Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk.

It’s one of the most popular mindfulness apps in Apple’s App Store, offering short meditations (anywhere from 3 to 10 minutes) to address any ailment. There are Headspace tracks for work, kids, sleep, focus, stress, and anxiety, just to name a small selection.

They first partnered with Virgin Atlantic in 2011: “We created an in-flight Headspace channel and audio exercises to help passengers relax, get some sleep, and learn a new skill for life,” their website explains.

Headspace Travel
PHOTO: Headspace

According to Headspace, their “meditations in the sky” now reach over 750 million passengers each year.

The airlines currently offering Headspace are Air Canada, Air New Zealand, Air Transat, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Delta Air Lines, JetBlue Airways, Swiss International Airlines, United Airlines, VistaJet, and Virgin Atlantic.

Why you should give yourself some Headspace when you travel

Even for those of us who fly regularly, traveling is still a stressful experience. Especially if things don’t always go according to plan. Flight delays, security hassles, unhealthy food, and busy, noisy airports make flying a challenge for our bodies and minds.

Headspace Emotion
PHOTO: Headspace

If you feel a little anxious during takeoff or landing (many of us do), the Singles section of the Headspace app contains guided meditations that might just help you get the Headspace you need next time you fly. Search for the meditation “Fear of Flying” to help ease those nerves.

I’ve been trying out a variety of Headspace singles and packs over the past few months, and I haven’t found one I don’t like yet. I’m currently working my way through a 30-day stress pack. I can feel myself getting better at meditating each day. I also find the meditation sessions not just practical but super easy to do. They’re not long, 10 minutes at most, so you can pop on some earphones and unwind almost anywhere.

Have you tried Headspace? What are some of your favorite meditations? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to tag #ITravelWell next time you fly!

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Disclosure: A 3-month subscription to Headspace was provided free of charge to the writer. All thoughts, opinions, and words are those of the writer and were not influenced or reviewed by the company providing the subscription.

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