New Airport Restaurant Limon Rotisserie Brings the Flavor of Peru to SFO

A string of new airport restaurants have popped up at San Francisco International Airport, and perhaps the most highly anticipated is Limon Rotisserie.

As we mentioned earlier in our rundown of the top Latin American airport restaurants, this longtime local favorite was established over 15 years ago on Mission Street and today boasts 6 locations in California and beyond.

Recently we visited Limon at SFO to see if it was possible for Peruvian to live up to our expectations at an airport restaurant. Happily, it did! Here are a few things health-conscious travelers will love about SFO’s newest airport restaurant.

PHOTO: Vane Airport

Solid breakfast options

A fast, filling, and healthy breakfast is hard to come by at most airport restaurants, but Limon’s breakfast scrambles are an excellent alternative to the typical bagel or egg sandwich. Breakfast scrambles come with a choice of black beans, jasmine rice, or home-style potatoes.

For the authentic flavors of Peru, Limon adds to each scramble aji amarillo huacatay sauce, a tangy and bright yellow condiment with Peruvian black mint. We recommend going light by choosing the vegetarian or ham option and add spinach and tomatoes for a well-rounded breakfast.

Flavorful proteins

All day Limon serves traditional lunch and dinner options including its famous Signature Bowls. Each comes with a choice of protein served with black beans atop jasmine rice. Of course, if you are avoiding carbs, you can skip the rice, but do not say no to the Estafado Casero!

This traditional Peruvian beef stew is tender, flavorful and not too spicy. A close runner-up is the Pollo Parillero, which is grilled chicken marinated in a chili pepper paste known as aji panca aticuchera. The flavor is full but not too spicy for those who are sensitive to a little heat.

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PHOTO: Vane Airport

Fresh veggies

Bonus! You don’t have to order a salad to get a healthy portion of vegetables at Limon. We were impressed by the delicious and crisp seasoned green beans, mushrooms, onions, and red peppers that accompany each Signature Bowl.  This provides a delicate balance to the spices found in the protein.

Plenty of vegan options

Limon offers vegans and vegetarians some great options such as the Ensalada and the Tofu Criollo Signature Bowl.  The tofu braised in ají panca is delicious and something we think travelers across all dietary preferences will enjoy. Along with the rice, black beans, and seasoned vegetables, this option is entirely vegan.

And if you want to indulge…

This airport restaurant offers more than just meat and vegetables. We couldn’t resist trying the yucca fries with aji amarillo huacatay sauce. If you want to treat yourself, try one of their empanadas.

It’s grab n’ go

Limon takes the quality you’d find at their sit-down restaurants and makes it quickly available and fresh to order. All of the ingredients are warm and ready to eat so you can pay and be on your way to your gate in no time! Visit Limon in Terminal 3 in the middle of the hub in the food court area, near gates 76 and 79. Hours of operation are 5:30am to 10:00pm.

Who is this good for?

Vegan, paleo, and gluten-free travelers can easily enjoy traditional Peruvian cuisine among the hustle and bustle of SFO.

Tanya Stanfield

After years of traveling for work in the consulting and tech business, Tanya Stanfield founded Road Warrior Strong to help overwhelmed and exhausted business travelers to continue or create healthier lifestyles while on the road. Her passion is to close the gap between business travel and their fitness goals so they feel stronger, supported, and empowered. She is a three-time marathoner who calls Chicago home but tends to fall in love with every city she travels to for work.

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