Don’t Miss The Inspiring New Rooftop Terrace at Frankfurt Airport

You’ve dropped off your bags and cleared the security check and still have a few minutes to wait before boarding begins. Time to catch your breath!

And what better way to do that than on the airport roof? Yes, you heard me right.

Next time you’re traveling through Germany’s biggest aviation hub, don’t miss one of our favorite features: a brand new rooftop terrace in the transit zone of Terminal 1.

Frankfurt Airport’s new 138-square-meter rooftop terrace, called the “Open Air Deck,” boasts a spectacular view of the bustling runway activity and vistas beyond. You can watch all the action from up here, including ground handling, and some impressive takeoffs and landings.

This is where you can come to escape the confines of a bustling airport and find fresh air and natural light. Its southern exposure means it gets bathed in the longest hours of sunlight, which can help you overcome jetlag.

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PHOTO: Frankfurt Airport PHOTO: Frankfurt Airport

The health benefits of getting outside

Besides getting a much-needed breath of fresh air and a dose of rays, there are many health benefits to getting outside. This is especially true when we’ve been cooped up in stuffy, loud, stressful airports and airplanes.

There are several studies that suggest that being outside can melt away your stress, improve your memory, help fight depression and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and reduce inflammation.

These are all important, and getting them when we’re traveling through airports is notoriously difficult if not impossible. I can’t count the number of times I’ve emerged from airports with a sore throat because of dry, stale air. Or I’m in a bad mood because I haven’t seen natural light in so long!

It may seem simple, but the benefits of having an outdoor space to escape to at the airport are huge.

Frankfurt Airport’s rooftop terrace even has a telescope

If you’re drawn to take a closer look at what’s happening on the ground (I know I would be), there’s a telescope you can use for free.

A stand provides information about what’s going on so you can understand what you’re observing. Finally!

A monitor screen shows the weather report for the next few days, straight from the German Weather Service. Comfortable seating surrounded by plants rounds out this relaxing outdoor oasis.

It’s a great spot to come whether you’re a solo business traveler or you’ve got the whole family in tow. The telescope is such a thoughtful touch. It’s the kind of thing that may have inspired me to become a pilot when I was a kid.

The roof terrace is open daily from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. It can be accessed by all passengers in the non-Schengen zone.

After spending hours cooped up in airports and planes, the effect of just 5-10 minutes on the Open Air Deck is truly liberating.

Nicola Brown

Senior Editor at Vane Magazine

Nicola is an international award-winning writer, editor and communication consultant based in Toronto. She has traveled to 32 countries so far and is always poised to head out the door again. She loves both the visceral and intellectual dimensions of travel, and will passionately argue for its psychological paybacks, especially after a few glasses of wine. Having spent many years on the road and in the air, she's interested in how travelers can maintain a healthy mind and body through it all.

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