Airport Spa Review: XpresSpa at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

As part of Vane’s airport spa review series on spa products and services, our editor Nicola Brown investigates XpresSpa at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport in Lounge 3.

One of my favorite ways to de-stress at the airport is to treat myself to a quick spa treatment.

We were coming back from a Christmas vacation to the Netherlands to visit my family in December 2018. The trip had been lovely, but various other travel and health-related concerns meant we were quite stressed on the return journey through Amsterdam’s Schiphol. XpresSpa put things back on track.

XpresSpa Schiphol Airport in Lounge 3

Schiphol has 3 locations of XpresSpa, and I visited the one in Lounge 3, right next to healthy eating spot VIT. The spa is a little more tucked away from the busy concourse, so it’s a great place to escape the bustle.

The vibe

The spa felt clean and rejuvenating, and the staff was very friendly. It was a little less busy over the holidays than it usually is, which meant my whole family of 4 could come and relax. Weekend mornings tend to see most people.

XpresSpa Schiphol
Vane Airport Media - Nicola Brown

It’s got high ceilings, a bright interior, and a living green wall at the back that reads “(re)fresh (re)new (re)charge.” In the very back, you’ll find massage chairs to help you relax while you wait, and there’s a private room for table massages.


The spa offers a full range of treatments, from nail care to massages to facials and even waxing.

XpresSpa Schiphol manicure
Vane Airport Media - Nicola Brown

I opted for a gel polish Xpres Manicure. They have a good selection of colors to choose from, including some beautiful neutral pinks, my go-to. My manicurist was skilled and careful in the application, and I had so much fun to chat with her the time went by quickly.

My mother chose a seated back massage to work out all the tension and stress. She said her therapist was good at honing in on tight areas and working on loosening muscles.

Overall the service at XpresSpa is both friendly and professional. They know what they are doing, and they get things done efficiently and effectively.

Here’s a full list of available treatments:

Foot Massage: 15/20/30/40 mins, 35/44/62/78 euros
Neck and Back Massage: 15/20/30/40 mins, 35/44/62/78 euros
Full Body Massage: 30/40/60/90 mins, 74/92/128/174 euros
Table Massage: 30/40/60/90 mins, 64/82/114/154 euros
Tension Relief Massage: 15/25 mins, 34/54 euros
Massage Lounger: 10/15/20/30 mins, 10/15/20/30 euros

Super Xpres Manicure: filing and polish 20 mins / 33 euros
Xpres Manicure: polish 30 mins / 40 euros or gel polish 40 mins / 50 euros
Complete Manicure: (includes scrub + massage) polish 40 mins / 45 euros or gel polish 45 mins / 60 euros
Deluxe Manicure: (includes scrub + massage + mask) 50 mins / 50 euros
Xpres Pedicure: polish 45 mins / 60 euros or gel polish 45 mins / 60 euros
Complete Pedicure: (includes scrub + massage) polish 45 mins / 60 euros or gel polish 50 mins / 70 euros
Deluxe Pedicure: (includes scrub + massage + mask) 50 mins / 70 euros

Oxygen Enhanced Air Treatment: with any service 15 mins for 15 euros, with massage lounger 25 euros

FaceFit Treatment: 10 mins / 25 euros
Stress Positive Eyelift: 20 mins / 45 euros
ProSkin: 30/60 mins 75/150 euros
ProSkin with Touch Therapy: 75 mins / 185 euros

Eyebrows: 20 euros
Upper Lip: 20 euros
Underarms: 32 euros
Full Legs & Bikini: 85 euros

The spa uses Dermalogica skin products and Essie nail products.


XpresSpa has three spots at Schiphol Airport: Lounge 3, Lounge 2 level 2, and Pier D. These are spread throughout the airport, so no matter which terminal your flight leaves from, there’s an XpresSpa not too far away.

Disclosure: Services were provided without charge to the writer. All thoughts, opinions, and words are those of the writer and were not influenced or reviewed by the company providing services.

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Nicola Brown

Senior Editor at Vane Magazine

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