Now Open: SpaHere At Dallas Fort Worth Airport Brings an Oasis of Calm to Travel

We have heard that many people avoid spas at the airport because they think passers-by can peak in and ruin their zen. This is not the case at the new opening of SpaHere at Dallas Fort Worth Airport.

This is not your usual airport spa but a proper place to relax, restore, and beautify. SpaHere’s tech-enabled airport spas invite guests to browse a range of apps, services, and products or enjoy a selection of audio-therapy through noise-canceling headphones that make the airport noise vanish entirely.

We think noise-canceling headphones is a great way to leave our most heinous airport neuroses at the door.

How SpaHere can help relieve tension and stress on a travel day

PHOTO: Spa Here

The Privacy Cocoon

SpaHere will immerse the airport passenger in the Privacy Cocoon™. This quiet pod is designed to eliminate the outside world and reduce stress and fatigue. Passengers can now receive a spa or beauty service in the comfort of their cocoon and not be visible to all around them.

Whether it be using Bose Quiet Comfort wireless headphones, curated visuals, aromatherapy, or USB charging ports, SpaHere Privacy Cocoons™ contains everything needed for a complete de-stressing spa experience.


PHOTO: Spa Here

The Hair Station 

You can get a blowout!! This, to me, is the equivalent of a shoeshine during work travel. Super useful for feeling your best and beating the fatigue of travel. If you want to know about other places, you can get a blowout to check out our list: Airport Hair Salons: Blow-Out Bars in North America That May Blow You Away.


PHOTO: Spa Here

Treatment Room

Yes, please! Sometimes a facial or a massage is the right thing to do for yourself if you have the time, and you need a wellness deep-dive. SpaHere’s treatment rooms give you the full spa experience with secluded lie-flat beds.

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Take advantage of the hours between check-in and takeoff with a visit to SpaHere at Dallas Fort Worth airport. Your mind and body will thank you.

We’ve always found that taking a moment out of your busy travel day to take care of yourself with a moment of quiet, a bit of comfort, and a little pampering goes a long way for your wellbeing.

This even extends to your productivity at work and the relationships with your family and friends.

We hope to see more wellness providers opening up spaces for us to thrive at airports around the world. Happy, healthy travel, everyone!

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