DOGA: We Just Discovered An Airport Wellness Must-Try Experience

Have you tried DOGA? DOGA combines Airport Therapy Dogs and Yoga, and it happened recently at LAX Airport.

The recent DOGA event was held to show travelers how much the airport appreciates them and to commemorate Customer Appreciation Day. Excellent airport customer service seems like its not an urban legend at LAX.

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I had a chance to meet the Airport Therapy Dog Team at LAX a few years ago. Also, I meet with Volunteer Programs Director Heidi Huebner of LAX who launched the LAX Pets Unstressing Passengers program.

Heidi Huebner shared with Vane why they launched their DOGA event?

“We value our guests, and we want them to have wonderful experiences while traveling through LAX. We also know that traveling, at times, can be stressful, and we love hosting yoga events to help guests relax, unwind and enjoy spending time with our LAX PUP therapy dogs. It makes a tremendous difference in how guests feel and the enjoyment they experience while at the airport.”

DOGA the latest airport wellness must-try experience

I think Doga at airports is a great way to deepen your connection with dogs. In a busy airport, you can create some calm with some pet wellness. Besides, you can practice some yoga during travel.  Yoga before or after a flight can give you that much needed moment to stretch out, and express gratitude.

You can learn to feel a pet’s energy and communicate with them through touch too.

We asked Heath Montgomery, Public Relations Director at LAX if they plan to have another DOGA wellness event in the future. He told Vane, “We are in the process of determining when the next session will occur.” Yes, please and can my home airport be LAX now?

Whether you want to break a sweat, find balance or recharge, I think DOGA is a must-try airport wellness experience.

LAX Airport Therapy Dogs roam daily! You can follow them on their dedicated twitter page here and use their hashtag #LAXpupsto share pictures to spread the pawsitive vibes.

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