Travel Style: 5 Things To Never Wear At The Airport

When planning your ultimate travel style look, there are a few things to consider not wearing. Everyone is anxious to get through security as quickly as possible so let’s not be that annoying person who holds up the line removing their belts, chains, thigh-high lace-up boots and worst of all: horrible attitude.

Next time you travel, follow this guide of what not to wear at the airport, and you’ll breeze through customs (well, your outfit will).

Travel Style: 5 things to never wear at the airport


1. Belts.

When you’re in a time crunch to make your flight, a belt is the last thing you want to have to deal with. Not only is it annoying for you to unbuckle, slip out of your jeans loops and place in a bin, but the people behind you are getting annoyed too – hello, we all want to get through security as fast as we can! Solution: wear pants that don’t require a belt.

2. Accessories.

Accessories are going to get you in trouble at the airport – or at least held up in line removing your rings, earring, bangles, and anklets. When planning your travel style, think about the motto “less is more.”

3. Sunglasses and hats.

Do you want to make yourself look suspicious at the airport? No, you don’t. This will complicate your journey through security if officers have to ask you to remove your identity-blurring-accessories. Leave the sunnies for the resort and keep your hats in your bag – they’re incredibly unnecessary at the airport.

4. Complicated footwear.

Some airports don’t require you to take off your shoes when going through security but if you’re travelling through the United States and have chosen to wear knee-high, buckle up gladiator sandals – you’re in for a bit of a challenge. It feels like you’re being rushed even when slipping on and off flip-flops so complicated footwear only makes things take longer and longer. Ugh.

5. Attitude!

This one is probably the worst. If you’re sporting a bad attitude at the airport, it’s seriously going to take you eons to get through security. There’s nothing worse than a sassy passenger throwing shade at an even sassier airport security man.

Leave that attitude at home and just think about your destination – a sunny beach in Mexico, perhaps? That’s sure to brighten the mood.

UPDATED May 6, 2019

Melina Morry

Melina has a knack for travel style, a love for leopards and is always keen to pack a suitcase and fly to a different part of the world.