Where to Find Airport Therapy Dogs Around the World

Wellness enthusiasts and stressed-out travelers will rejoice as the number of airport therapy dogs around the world continues to grow! One of the many programs airports offers to help pre-flight stress are their therapy dogs. Arguably, they’ll be the most adorable part of your journey.

Most dogs can offer us companionship, affection, and structure. Dogs are particularly unique, though, because they’re almost always affectionate, active, and co-dependent (in a cute doggy way).

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Besides helping with wellness, dogs can directly help reduce people’s blood pressure and have calming effects that alleviate pain and reduces stress. So, naturally, there are many airport therapy dogs around the world.

Here’s where you can find the cutest airport therapy dogs across the globe! We promise they will make your layovers less ruff.

Where to Find Airport Therapy Dogs Around the World

Buffallo Airport Therapy Dog | Airport Therapy Dogs Around the World
PHOTO: @therapeuticwrinkles

United States

There are over 40 airports around the USA that have airport therapy dogs. The state of California alone has six airport therapy dog programs!

Airport Therapy Dog Canada | Airport Therapy Dogs Around th
PHOTO: Fort McMurray International Airport


Currently, you can find airport therapy dogs in eight airports across Canada including Edmonton, Winnipeg, Fort McMurray, Regina, Saskatoon, Halifax, Vancouver, and Calgary.

For those frequent fliers, you may get to know these pets pretty well too. Most of them have scheduled times that they stroll around the airports (guided, of course) and with one wag of their tails brings a happier atmosphere to you and the airport.

Mumbai Airport Therapy Dog | Airport Therapy Dogs Around th
PHOTO: Mumbai Airport

Mumbai Airport

Comforting Angels is the first initiative of its kind in Asia. Currently, three dogs work in rotation on weekend evenings at T2. Pepe, Sunshine, and Pearl, along with their handlers, have been specially trained in counseling and help get the passengers’ oxytocin levels up. Whether they’re bored business travelers, senior citizens, cranky toddlers, or their hassled parents.

Genova Airport Therapy Dog | Airport Therapy Dogs Around the World
PHOTO: genova.repubblica.it

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Genova Airport has had airport therapy dogs to help passengers layover less ruff. Also, there is a pet therapy initiative at Milano Malpensa and Milano Linate airports.

Their program is carried out in association with” NPO Associazione Animali Terapeuti and will run during the summer, Christmas and Easter holidays of 2017 and 2018,” according to the airports’ website.

Just like eating healthy foods and getting exercise, I would say having animals during our transit time is also an essential element of well-being. We give this service a thumbs up and consider airport therapy dogs to be a passenger’s best layover friend.

If you want to see more of these furry friends, check out our Instagram page dedicated to airport therapy dogs around the world.

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